Romance is one of the highest-earning genres in fiction, and as of 2022, nearly 19 million units of romance novels were sold. #BookTok can be credited for this love boom, as both traditional and indie-published romance novels continue to be pushed out into the world. This also means that it’s harder to decide which swoonworthy book you should pick up next. 

But don’t worry because EnVi is here to help! In this curated list, EnVi selected four romance novels that will tug at your heart strings. Treat yourself with these charming love stories coming out this February.

ASAP by Axie Oh

Image courtesy of HarperTeen
(Art by Zipcy and designed by Jessie Gang)

ASAP is the long-awaited companion novel to Axie Oh’s New York Times bestseller, XOXO. The story centers around a daughter of the CEO of a wealthy entertainment company and a rising K-pop star… who is also her ex-boyfriend. 

Sori’s mother is the CEO of South Korea’s most prominent K-pop entertainment company, and as a result, Sori spent most of her life training to become a K-pop idol. However, when she realizes that she no longer wants a life in the spotlight, she must find a way to forge her own path — despite her mother’s goals for the entertainment company and her father’s own political agenda. 

Nathaniel is a member of XOXO, one of the most famous K-pop bands (and also Sori’s ex-boyfriend). When he finds himself in the middle of a scandal, Sori offers him a place to stay. She knows that Nathaniel is off-limits, bound to the no-dating clause in his contract. But the two cannot stop old feelings from resurfacing as they spend more time together. Soon, Sori needs to decide if her future away from the spotlight is worth sacrificing for a second chance at love.

Heartwarming and electric, ASAP will pull at your heart and have you rooting for the main characters until the end.

I Hope This Doesn’t Find You by Ann Liang

Image courtesy of Scholastic (Art by Robin Har and designed by Maeve Norton & Elizabeth Parisi)

As the star student of her school, Sadie Wen is well-versed in keeping up the picture-perfect image she’s created for herself. But it’s not always easy keeping a cool composure, so Sadie channels all her innermost frustrations into her email drafts. From directing choice words to her autocratic English teacher and to her long-term academic rival Julius Gong, Sadie doesn’t hold back in her emails because no one will ever read them. 

Until one day, they’re sent out. 

In the blink of an eye, Sadie’s perfect and conflict-free life crumbles. Now everyone has something to say about her. But the person she expected to hate her the most, Julius, seems to grow fonder of Sadie’s new image. 

Described by the publisher as Never Have I Ever meets To All the Boys I Loved Before, “if Lara Jean sends hate emails instead of love letters,Ann Liang has crafted another delightful romance you won’t want to miss this Valentine’s Day. 

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde by Tia Williams

Image courtesy of Grand Central Publishing

Tia Williams, the author of New York Times bestselling novels Seven Days in June and The Perfect Find (which has now been adapted into a Netflix movie), returns in this brilliant love story a century in the making. 

Ricki Wilde is the opposite of her famous socialite sisters. With dreams of opening her own flower shop, she knows deep down that a much bigger life is waiting for her — just not with her family. So when Ricki gets the opportunity to move into the bottom floor of a Harlem brownstone, she seizes the chance to chase after her own aspirations. 

One evening, with the dazzling atmosphere of the Harlem Renaissance in the air, Ricki encounters a handsome yet mysterious artist who tips her world off its axis. Steamy and swoonworthy, A Love Song for Ricki Wilde is the perfect February read. 

Daniel, Deconstructed by James Ramos

Image courtesy of Inkyard Press
(Art by Natalie Shaw and designed by Alexandra Niit)

High school photographer Daniel Sanchez knows the script he must follow to make it in this world: mask his autism and watch his life unfold around him. He also knows that his best friend Mona Sinclair shouldn’t be hanging out with introverted film buffs like him. 

When Daniel meets the new student Gabe Mendes, he knows exactly how the script will play out: tall, mysterious, and nonbinary Gabe will fall for boisterous and buff soccer star Mona. All Daniel needs to do is a little of what he knows best: directing. But matchmaking is not what it seems, and soon, Daniel finds himself starring in this romantic comedy instead. 

James Ramos spins a heartfelt tale of what it means to finally be the main character in Daniel, Deconstructed. This touching story is not one to be missed!

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