ATEEZ continue to “change the game” with their recent Japanese EP, NOT OKAY, and their second full album, THE WORLD EP.FIN : WILL, re-entering on 14th and 15th place on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. As they achieved “Top Global Performer” in the 2023 Hanteo Music Awards and the first K-pop boy group to attend Coachella, the octet made waves globally with their profound sound and captivating performances. No stranger to the limelight, member YUNHO continues to captivate the hearts of the public with his musicality and artistry. From enchanting vocals to a riveting stage presence, he has shown what it means to be a performer. To commemorate the artist’s birthday on March 23, EnVi has put together seven facts to know about ATEEZ’s lead dancer, golden retriever, and vocal dynamo.

The Dancing King

YUNHOs ego’s in the show as he owns every performance with his compelling stage presence. ATEEZ members have recognized him as the team’s performance leader, and their fans, ATINY, wholeheartedly agree. ATEEZ choreographies are renowned for their thrilling performances and difficulty. They can range from aggressive dance numbers possessing intricate footwork and arm movements to contemporary arrangements holding graceful gestures. Whether it’s one or the other, YUNHO never fails to embody the song’s message and portray it through his performance.

In a dance evaluation from ATEEZ’s pre-debut activities, YUNHO’s performance was seen as having strong foundations as he displayed fine body lines and dancing technique. His body control exhibits clean and precise movements, making him a strong dynamic dancer. YUNHO’s attention to detail allows for light and sharp movements with smooth transitioning from one step to another. As one of the tallest ATEEZ members, YUNHO is able to display command over his movements and is always mindful of leveling and energy output, resulting in proper synchronization with the other members.

All-rounder Vocalist

As enchanting as his dancing, YUNHO shines through his vocal prowess. He has enjoyed singing since he was very young and aspired to become a part of the world of arts  to hone in on his skills. Graduating from SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul) as a Practical Music major, YUNHO demonstrates versatility and stability through his singing. Similar to their  choregraphies, ATEEZ’s discography features varieties in styles, tones, and sounds. YUNHO has shown time and time again his flexible range from clean and high registers to deep to low registers. His strengths shine through his skill in harmonization and switching between his chest voice and falsetto. YUNHO has also participated in ATEEZs’ music production as he was involved in writing for ATEEZ’s track “From” and his duo song with MINGI, “Youth.”

From Stage to Screen

Taking his first step as an actor, YUNHO was casted as the second lead in the popular webcomic-turned-K-drama Imitation in 2021. The drama tells the story of the lives of idols in the vicious entertainment industry, with a focus on the hidden romance between a member of a rookie girl group and a member of the top boy group. YUNHO plays the character Lee Yujin, the main vocalist and center of the rising boy group Sparkling. This role has him adopting a role with a gentle and charming demeanor, but holds his stubbornness and ambition inside.

His acting doesn’t stop there as he continues to adopt roles in his music videos with ATEEZ and personify emotions through his performances on stage. On the comedic side, YUNHO enjoys participating on smaller and more lighthearted roles such as the news anchor for ATEEZ’s TMI news skit ANEWZ and their comedy variety show Salary Lupin ATEEZ.

Your Idol Host, YUNHO

Aside from stage performances, YUNHO further proves his array of skills as IDOL RADIO Season 3’s host with fellow member HONGJOONG. YUNHO demonstrated his natural entertainment abilities with his friendly approach to the guests and an overall magnetic hosting presence, bringing both idols and fans together. Furthermore, with the influx of idols bringing diverse dance styles to the table, YUNHO showed off his ability to quickly pick up his guests’ choreographies.

CODENAME: Yunhogizer

Often compared by ATINY to a golden retriever as both have a cheerful, sometimes cheeky personality, YUNHO carries the title as ATEEZ’s official energizer proudly as he never fails to bring smiles to his members’ faces. MINGI describes him as a person who brings everyone together no matter what they’re doing. YUNHO looks out for others, cares for them through nice notions, and makes sure everyone is doing well. As the designated moodmaker, YUNHO ups the tension in the room with his playful personality on and off stage. From his impromptu DJing to his comedic facial expressions, YUNHO stays true to his sunshine character as he always finds a way to make others laugh by being himself.

Despite his towering height and vigorous stage presence, YUNHO is a lively person who wants to have fun with ATEEZ and ATINY. YUNHO has previously revealed his MBTI to be ENFJ. According to the MBTI personality test site 16Personalities, ENFJs are “warm, forthright types who love helping others and tend to have strong values.” ATINY bare witness of his loving and extroverted nature as much as this humorous prankster loves to tease his members to no end.

No. 1 Idol Who Eats Well

Sweet or salty, hot or cold, YUNHO enjoys all foods and drinks put in front of him. ATINY can always catch YUNHO happily chewing away at anything and everything, even his drinks! Yet while this idol loves to eat, YUNHO’s love for food doesn’t go as far as to cooking as he doesn’t cook meals often as likes (with ramen being the only dish he’s made). His favorite food is meat, ice cream, and abura soba. Claiming himself as the member with the biggest appetite, there isn’t a single food YUNHO doesn’t like or eat!

Lucky Ace

If there’s one thing ATINY know about YUNHO, it’s his finesse in everything he touches and his sheer perseverance. Using strokes of luck and skill, he never fails to take out his competition in variety show games. Pairing his hatred for defeat and mastery of games altogether, YUNHO becomes a lucky ace in all he does, leaving his fellow members both impressed and speechless. Whether the challenge calls for a test in wits or a mission of physical capabilities, YUNHO masters it with ease.

In addition to his track record in variety shows, YUNHO’s physical abilities translate directly into his gaming skills. Spending his leisure time playing games, YUNHO has mentioned placing in high ranking placements on League of Legends and VALORANT. He has peaked RADIANT on VALORANT (a top-tier rank only obtained by the top 500 players within one’s area) and Challenger on League of Legends (the highest possible rank a player may achieve).

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