NCT Offers A Glimpse Of Its Universe In New Individual Teasers


Introduced as an act with unlimited members and formations, NCT has built a complex universe throughout the years. Loyal to their brand, the group recently announced an upcoming project featuring 21 of its members. Titled UNIVERSE, NCT’s forthcoming album is expected to be out in December. Ahead of this release, the Korean boy group has offered a glimpse of their new concept through teaser pictures unleashed on November 18 KTS. 


Technology, Future, And Sci-Fi

Following the release of the first batch of teasers on November 17, NCT continues to build up expectations for their third project. With members Jungwoo, Xiaojun, Kun, Chenle, and Jeno as central characters, a new set of pictures was unveiled. The individual concept photos toy with NCT’s overarching theme of technology and show the guys posing in what seems to bethe interior of a spacecraft. Matching the previous round of teasers, the photos include lightning effects, the words “NEW AXIS” projected on the faces of the members, and rings indicating axes of rotation. 



Additionally, the guys of NCT sported looks that mix tailoring and sportswear. Fitting the futuristic set, some of the looks belong to Kiko Kostadinov’s Sirokkó collection, ASICS, Dion Lee, and Off White. Layering, bright hues of blue and cut-offs blend in a styling that references sci-fi and plays with modern menswear. Needless to say, the members of NCT rocked the outfits effortlessly and flaunted their personal charms.




Making The Rounds Online

As one might expect from an ambitious project like NCT 2021, the teasers have caused all sorts of reactions. However, whether it is fueling fan excitement or propelling theories, the pictures were positively received and quickly made the rounds on online fan spaces.




The Universe Expands 

Set for release on December 14, UNIVERSE will be the third full-length album of the group, following NCT 2020’s RESONANCE. As it occurred on previous occasions, fans can expect the members of NCT to team up outside their regular units to add more music to their catalog. We might not know what to expect regarding lineups and title tracks, but judging by the teasers, NCT will surely continue to expand its universe through its future releases. Considering the success each unit has found in 2021, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the group! 


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Thumbnail images courtesy of SM Entertainment.