If you’re an avid consumer of Korean dramas, you’ve probably heard of Korean R&B-pop singer Vincent Blue. Having participated in the OSTs of popular domestic dramas such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju (2016), My Mister (2018), Crash Course in Romance (2023), and Marry My Husband (2024), Vincent Blue has marked his place in the hearts of viewers and listeners. Not limiting his musical pursuits in television, the self-producing artist has released numerous personal singles, too, which show off his lyricism and artistic vision.

EnVi interviewed Vincent Blue over email to learn more about his musical beginnings, the joy he gets from making music, and the process of finding a purpose behind his music projects.

Pursuing Art and Music With Honesty

Vincent Blue, born Kim Min-seung, grew up around art and was heavily influenced by his mom, who is an art instructor. Through her, Vincent came to know about the famous Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh and learned about the artist’s history. As a result, Vincent grew to admire the painter’s works and artistic lifestyle. By combining his favorite artist’s name with blue (his favorite color), the name Vincent Blue came to be. 

Before making his official debut, though, Vincent Blue was the lead singer for his band, Bluebugg. Demonstrating his love for van Gogh and the world of art, he illustrated his band’s single album cover for “There I Go.” He also did the calligraphy for the band’s full album, Blue In Green. The album covers for Vincent’s first two singles “It’s Raining” and “Stupid” were created in collaboration with his mom, who painted the scenic background. To this day, Vincent continues to commission fellow artists for both album covers and music video productions.

Surrounded by art all his life, Vincent Blue began his journey into the world of music because he wanted to release an unpublished piece. Vincent Blue made his presence known in the film and music scenes by debuting as a drama OST singer in 2015 with “THUMPING” for She Was Pretty. From cheerful pop tracks to velvet-like ballads, the singer demonstrated his musical flexibility from the start. It wasn’t until March 25, 2019, however, that Vincent Blue made his official artist debut with his self-written single “It’s Raining.” Of course, the art-loving musician incorporated the works of van Gogh and blue into his projects through his clever incorporations of the painter’s famous pieces into his music videos. Whether it be living in illustrated worlds inspired by van Gogh or recording vlogs of his own worldview, Vincent displays his creative talent through his voice and unique imagery.

Owning a discography full of multi-colored tracks and addictive choruses, Vincent addresses complicated emotions — usually revolving around youth — in his discography full of multi-colored tracks and addictive choruses. With songs such as “Heaven” serving as an ode to innocent love and “Dream” motivating listeners to never give up, Vincent illustrates moods fitting for any stage of life. As Vincent Blue balances singing for notable drama soundtracks and producing for his personal discography, Vincent expressed how he approaches the creation of both: “In my album production, I focus more on the overall picture rather than specific details. However, it doesn’t mean that composting for OSTs is less challenging,” he stated. “They involve different kinds of concerns.”

Vincent molds his musical expression through his personal life experiences and the knowledge he collects about the world around him. “Everything related to me becomes material for my music,” he wrote. Rather than attempting to discover his own sound through his career, the singer credits the growth of his unique music style to his life. When he’s creating music, Vincent proudly relies on his subconscious instincts. “It’s really enjoyable when a beautiful melody unexpectedly comes out and fitting lyrics suddenly come to mind,” Vincent admitted. “It feels like I should buy a lottery [ticket] that day.”

100 Reasons to Love Vincent Blue

With his heart-melting voice and sentimental messages, Vincent creates a comfortable and refreshing soundscape in his discography. While he initially wanted to top the Billboard charts, Vincent has abandoned these thoughts and eventually stopped caring for these types of goals. “That’s a great question, but I’m not entirely sure yet. In the past, it was about topping the Billboard charts and such, but now I don’t think those things matter as much. I think I’m still in the process of finding that purpose.” Although his ventures bounce between K-drama OSTs and his own works, Vincent confessed that he’s still searching for a new goal: “I think I’m still in the process of finding that purpose.” Nonetheless, he continues to gain recognition for his contribution to the realm of dramas and his solo music.

“I feel an accomplishment knowing that I can have a positive impact on the world and immense gratitude. Especially when I see the audience during performances, it becomes even more real. Thank you!” he said. Winning the music competition show Made in U. and performing on well-known stages such as You Heeyul’s Sketchbook, Vincent sincerely appreciates the continuous love and support from those who listen to his works.

With encouraging comments under videos stating, “The song is just as beautiful as the drama” and “I listened to this song by Vincent first and it made me want to watch this series. Really glad I did,” Vincent has maintained his influence and impact.  But with recognition comes pressure, and Vincent is no stranger to battling against the emotional clashes throughout his career. “As an artist, you constantly grapple with your mind. New challenges arise every day that need to be addressed,” he noted. Though he currently has an unclear direction for his musical trajectory, Vincent hopes to become a source of solace for his listeners. “I’m not sure about the future, but for now, I want to encourage people to live enjoyable lives.”

Blue Dreams

On the topic of the future, EnVi was curious if there were any upcoming projects or areas he wishes to experiment with in his music. Rather than thinking about future themes for his upcoming projects, Vincent hinted at his interest in learning how to DJ and try out house music. He further stated his dream performance would be at a music festival similar to that of Woodstock.

Vincent also hopes that the public connects his name to “The Little Prince from Wonderland!” — a fictional character who symbolizes hope, love, and youth in a confusing and ever-changing world. While there’s currently no projects he can tease just yet, Vincent reassures fans that more is coming soon: “My brain is always full of ideas.” As for his final words, Vincent sent well wishes to aspiring singers, composers, and producers within the industry. “There are so many talented individuals out there…I hope everyone continues to inspire people with their work!”

Listen to Vincent Blue’s recent cover single release “Honesty” on Spotify and Apple Music, and paint alongside Vincent Blue by following his social media accounts on Instagram and YouTube.

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