K-pop girl group cignature are back with another EP, nearly a year after their previous release. Last August, they released Us in the Summer, but this year they decided to drop their summer bops at the beginning of the season. On June 10, the group released their fifth EP, Sweetie but Saltie. This four-track EP marks an energetic comeback for 2024 and serves as a perfect soundtrack for the summer. The cignature members –  JEEWON, SEMI, CHAESOL, SELINE, CHLOE, and DOHEE – deliver vibrant tracks about the excitement of falling in love to brighten the already blazing season. 

Main vocalist BELLE did not participate in this album as she is currently the leader and vocalist of project girl group UNIS, from SBS’ audition program Universe Ticket. As a result, cignature have reorganized as a sextet while they await BELLE’s return in the next two years.

Making a Splash in Love!

Cignature returned with their title track “풍덩 (Poondung),” an onomatopoeia for a splash. The colorful pop song, co-written and produced by Ryan S. Jhun,  features a groovy, funky rhythm and bouncy synth. It perfectly captures the essence of a sun-kissed summer while conveying the pursuit of love with sincerity and courage.

In a press release, CHAESOL shared, “Our new title track sings the story of a more mature girl falling deeply in love as if she’s diving into love with a splash or poongdung.” She revealed that “Poondung” represents summer’s young yet maturing love, while the group’s title track from last year, “Smooth Sailing,” explored a girl’s excitement about her first crush. 

The song was accompanied by a vibrant music video showing the girls having fun on the beach. Filled with vibrant colors and embodying the carefree spirit of summer, the visualizer showed scenes of ice cream, bubbles, beach balls, fireworks, and more. 

Sweetie But Saltie Love

Throughout Sweetie But Saltie, cignature explore the highs and lows of love. In the song “I like I like,” the girls sing about not being sure if someone feels the same way about them, despite the obviousness to others. The track features two versions: a Korean version opening the EP and an English rendition closing it. In the Korean lyrics, the girls convey an endearing and innocent perspective on being in love for the first time. The English version has a more easygoing style as it depicts a dialogue among the members. Throughout the pop tune, a girl recounts meeting a boy recently, while her friends encourage her to pursue him and assure her that he will reciprocate her feelings. 

The final song, “Melody,” contrasts to the lively summer anthems featured on the EP, with its somewhat melancholic vibe. Penned by KZ, Kim Tae-Yeong, DINT, and danke, the track dives into the group’s history, present, and future. Through the hypnotizing melody and passionate vocals, the members reflect on their journey and express their sincere passion for music.

What’s Next?

Fans can anticipate seeing cignature perform on television and web shows including The Show, Show Champion, and Simply K-pop Con-Tour. Keep up to date with their activities by following them on Instagram, X, and TikTok

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