On their first-ever U.S. tour, K-pop group BLITZERS set New York City ablaze with their concert at Webster Hall. Freshly debuted in May of 2021, the seven-member rookie group already shows promise. Outside the venue, fans lined up on the snow-ridden street with the bright glow of the BLITZERS sign overhead, holding a warm welcome for the group. 

Although the rookies debuted in the crux of a global pandemic, the way BLITZERS dominate the stage begs to contest that detail. The septet—Go_U, Juhan, Jinhwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, and Wooju—seemed like seasoned pros on the evening of February 13 as they performed for their U.S. Check-in tour.

Making Their Way Across the U.S. 

The New York City show marked the fifth of six shows for the group. Before New York, BLITZERS performed at  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Atlanta, and after, they had a final stage in Chicago. The six-stop trip in a matter of two weeks seems like a lot, but the boys weren’t winded in the slightest as they showed up energetic and with radiating smiles at every step. 

For most of the members—aside from Chris, who lived in Las Vegas—this marked their first time visiting the United States. BLITZERS made the most of the experience and were seen busking in Santa Monica and UCLA, watching a Lakers game and attending an ATEEZ concert

In New York City, the group visited Times Square, busked in Washington Square Park and took photos at the Hudson River with the Statue of Liberty looming in the background. Snippets of their mini-adventures in the U.S.A. could be found on their social media along the way.

A Fly-High Start

As their group name entails, BLITZERS had BLEEs, their fans, excited for their performance. BLITZERS opened their stage with the ever-so-playful “Blitz (Next Level Remix,)” immediately energizing the crowd with the blitz-like dance moves and high-energy. The members were dressed in street-style pattern-heavy clothes, t-shirts layered with sweaters and trendy jackets. As they danced across the stage, their voices rang loud and clear with the song that captures the identity of BLITZERS.

From there, the members settled into their introductions for the evening. “We will deliver our hearts and energy on stage,” the group’s youngest, Wooju, spoke. It was clear the members had practiced their English for the occasion. Eyes gleaming as he gestured to the crowd, Lutan also shared, “I’m honored to have our first concert in the U.S.. We worked hard for it, so let’s have fun today.” 

Although the boys may have appeared a bit shy in their introductions, whatever nerves they had were quickly shed as the familiar melody of the next song began. Soon they were at complete ease and unabashedly showing off all their appeal. “K-POP” segued this transition, as the song bodes for better times through the shared power of uplifting music. The healing song tells fans, “I’m drowning in my tears / If you’re like me, you should listen to this song.” With its steady drumbeat and bright energy, the ground shook as vocalist Juhan and rapper Go_U took turns at the forefront of the stage, dancing energetically with the rest of the members close behind. 

BLITZERS kept the energy up as they dove straight into “Dream Pilot.” With arms opened in mimicry of a plane, their youthfulness gleamed as the seven boys flew across the stage. They were aglow, emanating livelihood as they flew from the left to right sides of the stage to sing to fans. “Hop-in” kept the sprightly energy as the bubbly, romantic tune blasted from the speakers. A cuter dance had yet to exist, it was clear, as the members sashayed through a series of timed fist bumps, leg shakes, and an uncountable amount of finger hearts were thrown up from the audience. 

Kicking It Up a Notch 

From there, BLITZERS slipped into their signature rock sound with “Will Make a Mistake.” The song is empowering and aggressive; it’s fitting for BLITZERS. With lyrics like, “Even if my knees shatter and feet break / I must go to find out where it ends,” the song is a promise to anyone watching of BLITZERS’ effort. 

For a group filled with Gen-Z members, the song is tastefully fitting for those navigating the tidal waves of their own identities. Still, the song expresses a sense of maturity and understanding: “Why are you calculating the percent of failure / Even before you take a step?” It might as well be a call-out post urging action to whoever’s listening. 

Changing gears, the mellow “Rain Drop” drifted through the venue to deliver a more vocal-inspired track. No dance needed, the members’ mellifluous vocals took center stage. The concert floor was aglow in soft yellow light, mini BLITZERS light sticks floating melodiously in the air. The whistling tune and harmonized chanting pulled at heartstrings as the voices of the vocalists and rappers met prettily. 

It was time for the group’s youngest, Wooju, to take the stage for his shining solo cover. Singing “Falling” by Harry Styles, Wooju captivated the audience with his heavenly vocals and raw emotion. The beams of light shrouding him in illuminance tied the experience together as every ear listened poised and going through the emotions with him. 

A Multi-Faceted Group

What became clear throughout the night was BLITZERS’ dichotomy. Whether it be hard rock-rap laced with sharp dance movements and punchy shouts or ballad-like songs floating in the air with love and soft emotions, BLITZERS matched well with whatever sound they attempted.

In the second half of the show, the members returned fresh with an outfit change. The black-and-white suits wrapped in silver chains drew all eyes to the stage as “Bobbin” started. BLITZERS chose to show off their swagger this time, filling the floor with cool energy amid irresistible rap and vocals. “Drawing Paper” followed, a sweet song telling fans to “Dream about a lot of tomorrows to paint together.” The members again leaned into their comfortability and sweet personalities onstage. With frequent shots of cutesy finger hearts, hand hearts, and posing for fans’ pictures, they were incredibly interactive with the BLEE’s lining the floor.

From there, the boys moved into the edgy “Breathe Again.” Dressed casually in their BLITZERS’ hoodies and black pants, the dramatic song contrasted the boys’ easy-going confidence and charisma. To end the night, “Forever In My Heart,” a romantic lullaby and a song for fans brought the perfect conclusion. With its sweet melody among soft guitar strums, the song was refreshing.

A Warm Promise of Return

For their ending speeches, each member took their time to share their earnest feelings. BLITZERS’ leader, Jinhwa, shared with fans, “I’m not used to performing in front of so many BLEE, so I was really nervous, but thanks to BLEE, I had a great time today.” With tinsel glinting in his purple hair, Sya also shared, “Thank you all for making this an unforgettable memory in my life; thank you.” The other members echoed these sentiments as they promised New York City fans to meet again.  

With a mere two mini-albums and a single album under their belt, BLITZERS are only at the start of their music career and it’s very exciting to be along for the ride as they grow with their music. In New York City, they melded with the stage as if they were always meant to be there. Upon exiting the stage, very reluctantly and slow-moving, Wooju made sure to scream to fans one last time, “It’s a very special memory!” 

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