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It’s really scary to be writing to or about the person you look up to the most. Not because you may see it, not because someone may judge me or call me obsessed, not for the mistakes I may make, but because I’m worried I may miss something important that I later want to say. 

I’m scared because my mind is a mess and I don’t know where to begin or how to sort my thoughts when thinking of the many reasons you’re my role model, the many reasons I look up to you. 

At such a young age you’ve achieved a lot, yes. You’re pro-debuter, you’re a triple, quadruple, infinite threat. You’re impressive in your skills and you’re hard working, that’s very apparent to everyone but there’s other things people don’t consider. (I’m already missing things out, I’m already wanting to say so much I can’t focus). 

I want to thank you on behalf of everyone for being so open about your faith. You’re unapologetic and for many, it can be scary to be open, let alone in the eye of the public. You’re proud, you’re true, you help people to connect with God and feel safe in their religion- no matter what it is. That’s not only admirable, but it’s something I cannot fully express in terms of how important that is to myself and many others. I pray that you know how happy we are seeing you open about this.

Honestly, although we may not know you on a personal level, you make everyone feel so comfortable and warm. You’re like a positive glow of light, that even in very very dark times, you help people to look for the good in things. You heal people with your laugh, make them smile when they truly feel like they cannot. You give so much hope to everyone struggling and I’m sure you don’t realize but that in itself is possibly one of the most valuable things in this world. Having that effect on people is so rare, yet in you, it is so natural and so abundant.

After studying performance myself, meeting many people of all walks of life, I understand that you may face difficulties. At a young age, you moved away from home, you can have much of your privacy and space invaded, you have a lot of pressure upon you but you push through it all. We don’t know what you feel but we can applaud you on your drive and resilience. I just hope you know that in those tough times you have us, always, you have God, you have love and support. You are never alone.

I can’t write much more, I have to keep this somewhat short but as I reflect on the many things that make you so amazing and unique, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Maybe one day we will meet and I can remind you of how truly amazing you are.


Happy birthday again,

Your #1 supporter 😉 – Taylor


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