Dear Kim Sejeong: The Flower Road Ahead

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Dear Kim Sejeong, Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment
Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

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Dear Kim Sejeong, 


I’m a fan of yours who was trying to figure their way in life and managed to stumble across your story. When I first discovered you I was in my earlier years of college wondering what I should be working towards. Honestly, I still have that question, but watching your journey as a young woman navigating the music industry has inspired me to change how I approach life. You’ve grown from a girl with a single dream to entertain into a triple threat powerhouse. I may not have the same dream as you but the drive I can see in you motivates me to push through my hardest days. I like how you approach challenges with an upbeat demeanor. It’s a constant reminder to myself that if I’m enjoying what I pursue it won’t matter how difficult it is. 

Even through your successes you stayed humble and strived to take care of others. Maybe that’s why out of the countless amazing artists in this industry, your personality shines the brightest for me. When I like an artist, I don’t truly dive deep until I figure out “who they are.” I admire that from the beginning you’ve never sacrificed who you were as a person and let the industry beat you down. You manage to charm others whether it’s on stage or in real life. The infectious energy and wit you give off always has me in stitches. I can tell that you take deep consideration in everything you do. You try not to overstep any boundaries whilst making sure everyone is comfortable. I just have the utmost respect for you as a person. 

It’s amazing how you absolutely kill it in everything you do. However, I hope that you don’t burden yourself with always trying to be perfect. As fans we don’t expect you to always be a “happy virus” idol. We understand that you’re human. I hope you know it’s ok if you don’t succeed or have a bad day. Take breaks when you need to. Your fans will still love and support you through it all because at the end of the day we appreciate being uplifted by you. I’m sorry that we can’t give you more and can only wish nothing but success in your endeavors. 

The greatest comfort I’ve received from you was when you once said, “Please don’t think of me as your role model. Think of me as your companion, not a role model. Just as a person who lives like you day by day. A role model is someone we dream to get to together.”

These words feel as if I’m being accompanied in my struggles as we go about our individual paths. I can only hope that I will grow as splendidly as you have. I want to thank you for being a reminder of what you can achieve when you pursue your truest self. I find joy in your happiness and I hope that we both continue to live our lives to the fullest. May our journey as young women be the most beautiful flower road ahead. 

Forever thankful, 


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