As summer begins to sizzle out, you won’t want to miss out on this week’s hottest tracks. Team EnVi is back with our For You Friday series, where we curate a playlist specifically for you! So grab your headphones and dive into the latest music with us!


Multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Becky G, has returned with a heart wrenchingly sentimental new single. An ode to her late grandfather, the song’s title translates directly to mean “dear grandfather.” In honor of his life, she expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the wisdom, love, and support she received from him. The lyrics explain how her grandfather encouraged the star to pursue her dreams no matter what. “QUERIDO ABUELO” is a delicate, acoustic ballad and was composed by Becky G, along with Edgar Barrera, Juan Pablo Zazueta Acosta, and Jesús Omar Tarazon Medina

The song celebrates her grandfather’s legacy, as well as her Mexican American heritage. Matching the tender nature of the track, the music video for “QUERIDO ABUELO” is ripe with nostalgic homemade videos. From visiting her grandparents’ ranch in Mexico as a child to spending time with her remaining grandparents today, the visualizer pulls on the heartstrings. Becky G’s third studio album, ESQUINAS, will feature “QUERIDO ABUELO” and will be released on September 28.

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“Back for More” – TOMORROW X TOGETHER with Anitta

K-pop quintet TOMORROW X TOGETHER, or better known as TXT, are taking the world by storm. Following the release of their fifth EP, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, the album’s lead single “Sugar Rush Ride” became a massive hit. So much so that TXT even took home their first Moon Person at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards for the “PUSH Performance of the Year.” Continuing to trailblaze the global music scene, the quintet’s latest collaboration is with Brazilian superstar and global sensation, Anitta. 

“Back for More” is a disco-heavy track with a groovy bassline and a playful whistle motif—adding yet another earworm to TXT’s discography. Anitta’s chemistry with the quintet is undeniable as they cohesively perform together in the song’s music video. Adorned with the colorful hues of Latin pop, “Back for More” opens up the music scene for more potential cross-genre collaborations in the future. TXT have no intention of slowing down any time soon as they gear towards the release of their third LP, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, set for release on October 13.

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“Don’t Know About The World” – Emei

Rising Chinese American alt-pop songstress, Emei, has returned with her heart on her sleeve in “Don’t Know About The World.” Well-known for her introspective lyricism and sharp tongue, “Don’t Know About The World” showcases a more vulnerable side of Emei. In the song, she explores the idea of finding solace within a specific person, item, or space. Emei confided in a press release, “I don’t often write about love… I wanted this single to be a bit of a left turn from my previous singles. I wanted the song to be a window into my emotional world.” 

Taking a more stripped down approach, “Don’t Know About The World” is an intimate ballad driven by Emei’s ethereal vocals—amplified with layered harmonizations and vocoder effects. With its twinkling synths and emotional energy, the track feels fitting for a coming-of-age film. Laying all her cards on the table, she sings, “Don’t know about the world, but I know that I love you.” Emei’s sophomore EP, Cynical, is set for release on October 20.

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“this is what autumn feels like” – JVKE

Singer-songwriter-producer JVKE has returned to soundtrack the shift from summer to fall with “this is what autumn feels like.” The track is hauntingly melancholic with its layered piano arpeggios and chords. JVKE captures the emotions of the inevitable change that accompanies new seasons both with his composition and lyrics. 

Accepting how nothing lasts forever, just as summer turns into fall, JVKE opens the track by singing, “Love is a walk in the park / That’s how I feel at the start / Pretty until it gets dark.” “this is what autumn feels like” is the bittersweet lesson we all need to hear at some point in our lives, and JVKE makes it go down smoother with this delicate track. Listen to this song if you’re looking to embrace the changes autumn will bring.

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Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist include “My Love Mine All Mine” by Mitski, “Sweet Relief” by Madison Beer, and “Boys ‘R’ Us” by salem ilese. Listen to everything mentioned and more curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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