Whether you’re recovering from a bountiful feast shared with loved ones or from shopping all day long, Team EnVi is ready to help you soundtrack your weekend! In the latest edition of our For You Friday series, we’ve gathered this week’s hottest releases and broken them down just for you. So sit back, relax, and find your new favorite song with our For You Friday playlist!


THE BOYZ are back with the second installation of their sophomore LP, PHANTASY. The 11-member K-pop group continued their cinematic theme with the release of Pt.2 Sixth Sense on November 20. “WATCH IT” is a complete 180 from the preceding chapter’s lovestruck and happy-go-lucky title track, “LIP GLOSS.” With its addictive staccato electronic motifs and alluring bassline, “WATCH IT” successfully lures listeners into THE BOYZ’s trap. 

Fueled by passion — bordering obsession — the group explores a darker subject matter in comparison to their previous discography. They warn their lover, “The more dangerous, the more I fall deeper / You better watch it.” But how can one turn down the oh-so-charming bad BOYZ? The “WATCH IT” music video showcases the group clad in dark outfits as they successfully pull off an elaborate heist together with a dash of sultry choreography. If you’re in search of a catchy yet cool song, then “WATCH IT” might be the track for you.

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“B.A.D.” – Denise Julia

Denise Julia’s latest release, “B.A.D.,” in collaboration with P-Lo, has quickly risen to fame since its debut. This R&B track, embraced for its engaging dance routines, is particularly resonant with young women, encouraging them to confidently accept their sexuality. A prominent young Filipino artist, Julia intends her music to inspire and empower, drawing from her personal journey of self-acceptance. 

Musically, “B.A.D.” is noted for its sensual and individualistic vibe. The accompanying music video highlights important themes like embracing diverse skin tones and gender identities, while also celebrating Filipino culture. The collaboration between Julia and P-Lo exemplifies a creative synergy that transcends geographical barriers, resulting in a powerful and impactful song.

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“Labios Mordidos”-  Kali Uchis feat. Karol G

“Labios Mordidos” teases Kali’s upcoming album ORQUÍDEAS, which will be released on December 1. The song is a powerful collaboration with fellow Colombian musician Karol G, and with the Bichota in the mix, the reggaeton track and the music video embark on a sensual and mischievous adventure. “Ey, mami, cómo se le ve de rico ese tatuaje / ¿Hasta dónde le llega? Muestre, pues, yo veo,” translates as “Hey, mami, how good does that tattoo look on you / How far does it go? Show me, let me see.” Along with the lyrics, the music video explicitly translates the message. 

This is the second time the artists collaborated: earlier in the year, they worked together on “ME TENGO QUE IR” from Karol G’s MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO (BICHOTA SEASON). Although “Labios Mordidos” portrays a different musical style, it demonstrates the synergy of these influential artists.

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“Bump It Up” – THAMA

Korean R&B is making one helluva splash this season with many notable artists making their return in the genre. One of those heavy hitters includes singer/songwriter THAMA, who dropped his second full-length album, WOOOF! 

Throughout the 12 eclectic tracks, THAMA expertly whisks the listener away on a journey of smooth soul, R&B, and jazz — but one of the record’s highlights is his single, “Bump It Up.” In all its carefree livelihood, it becomes incredibly easy to lose yourself in the waves of THAMA’s candy-coated vocals and the swinging trumpets supporting him. If you’re looking to kick your feet up and unwind on a Friday night, “Bump It Up” wholeheartedly deserves your ear and a moment of your time.

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Other tracks in this week’s For Your Friday playlist include “3D (Justin Timberlake Remix)” by Jungkook, “Bad Woman” by Paloma Faith, and “All in <3” by Maisie May. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you.

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