On July 3, 2023 SM Entertainment confirmed NCT’s Jeong Jaehyun will be making his silver screen debut in a Korean adaptation of Japanese mystery-thriller movie You Will Die After Six Hours (2008). The upcoming film is based on the Japanese crime-thriller novel of the same name by award-winning author Takano Kazuaki. This will be Jaehyun’s return to the screen after his acting debut with college romance series Dear.M (2022). The idol-actor, who recently wrapped up promotions for NCT’s subunit DoJaeJung, is anticipated to captivate viewers in a new chilling side to him with production starting soon. 

A Race Against Time and More 

The original novel consists of six short stories that follow various characters and the way they handle the agonizing foreknowledge of a death notice. Jaehyun will be playing the pivotal role of Jun Woo who has the uncanny ability to foresee a person’s life span. When he crosses paths with Jung Yoon, who will be played by actress Park Juhyun, he notices she only has six hours left to live. Their first meeting is expected to be tense as Jun Woo warns her of her impending doom. 

Despite the absurdities of such claims, Jung Yoon realizes this mysterious stranger is telling the truth when he reveals inexplicable details about her friend’s recent death. Connecting that Jung Yoon has now become the target of a serial stalker, they team up with homicide detective Ki Hoon, who will be played by Kwak Siyang, to track down the alleged killer. However the seemingly concluded case is not as it appears when the characters are led down a path of unforeseen twists.

Photo Courtesy of WOWOW.

Although details are still being finalized, filming is slated to start this summer. It is uncertain if the movie will stay true to the source material and previous adaptation, or surprise the viewers with a new twist. The film is speculated to be a 2024 release. 

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