By: Maria Fernanda (Mafe) Ramos
Thumbnail courtesy of Source Music and HYBE.

On May 2, six-member girl group LE SSERAFIM, an anagram for I’M FEARLESS, debuted under the partnership of Source Music and HYBE. After weeks of teasers, members Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, Garam, and Eunchae showcased their confidence through the release of their first mini-album, FEARLESS. The album is composed of five tracks, and describe the idea of leaving your fears behind and moving forward.

Opening: The World is My Oyster

The album opens up with “The World is My Oyster,” an introduction of LE SSERAFIM’s concept to the world. 

The intro features a bass house-style melody and powerful rhythm, perfect for a catwalk. Narrated in English, Korean, and Japanese, it explores their desire to take on challenges and be strong and fearless despite the world’s efforts to change them. “The world is imperfect / The world brings out my flaws / I am fearless / The world is my oyster,” they sing


The title track, “FEARLESS,” is an alternative pop song with a catchy funk-style instrumental. HYBE’s executive producer “Hitman” Bang (Bang Shihyuk) took part in the lyrics and production of the single, alongside singer and songwriter Destiny Rogers, BLVSH, Supreme Boi, emmy kasai, JARO, Josefin Glenmark, Kyler Niko, Megatone (13), Nikolay Mohr, ONEYE, PAU and SCORE (13). The song’s addictive melody with the members’ soft vocals and breezy tones encapsulate LE SSERAFIM’s energy, including a unique flow that reminds the listener of walking down a runway. 

True to its title, the lyrics of the track display LE SSERAFIM’s ambition to reach higher, showing their desire to take on the world and prove they do not shy away from challenges.

 “If my scars are a part of me /I got no fear, no fear / what you lookin’ at / I’m fearless,” they sing.

Matching the song’s atmosphere, the music video captures the group’s wish to be the best. With a set between a gym, a car ride, and a crown-shaped dance floor, the video offers a diverse view of the group, showing their fierce dance performance through different scenarios. From a practice room to a sophisticated dance floor, the video alludes to their aspiration to reach the top without fear. 

Taking Over The World With No Fear

The third track of the album, “Blue Flames,” is a disco-pop song with a refreshing melody. The track is also featured as the main theme for HYBE’s original coming-of-age webtoon story Crimson Heart. It follows the story of six girls looking for the “blue firefly,” a magical being that represents the unknown. 

The retro-styled melody of the b-side adds a mystical tone to the record, and the lyrics which were co-written by the members Chaewon and Yunjin allude to the comic’s storyline as it explores the attraction for the undiscovered.“Burn it to the point you burn your hands / Crossing the unknown boundaries and spread it out to the end/ It’s quite beautiful on a free day/ As long as it burns, I can’t stop my desire.” the girls sing

When asked about the process behind writing the lyrics at the debut showcase, Chaewon and Yunjin opened up about their excitement and writing lyrics for their future projects. “I was so very happy and honored. I was proud and excited to be able to sing the part I wrote.” Yunjin said, “I am greedy for songwriting, so I want to work hard and participate in the future.”

Following “Blue Flames” is ”The Great Mermaid,” an upbeat hyper-pop song. With its compelling instrumental and heavy bass, the track maintains the album’s energy while showing a more determined side of the group. The members sing a new interpretation of “The Little Mermaid” in the lyrics, emphasizing their desire to be independent and not give up. 

The final track, ”Sour Grapes,” showcases a more mature side of the group. The song combines both pop and R&B genres with a delicate melody with an elegant rhythm. The single conversely focuses on the members’ light and breezy vocal colors accompanied by a guitar and jazz sound, providing a unique ending to the album. The girls conveyed the complications of love and the fear of romance turning into something bittersweet and sour. The track closes with the members’ soft voices crooning, “I don’t wanna taste/ I just feel afraid/Love is sour/love is sour grapes.”

Taking The Next Step 

LE SSERAFIM is here to stay. Since their pre-debut teasers, the group set the tone for what to expect with their debut, and they certainly lived up to the expectations. The music video for “FEARLESS” already has 7 million views on Youtube, and counting. On the platform Hanteo, the album topped number two among the Highest Girl Group 1st Day Sales in 2022. Through FEARLESS, the six-member girl group exhibited their hard work, intense performance chops, and distinctive vocals in a successful debut. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the group!

You can listen to FEARLESS on Spotify and Apple Music!

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