EnVi is back with our September edition of the “Make A Wish with NCT” series. This time, we are celebrating the birthdays of the rappers, Sungchan and Hendery. 


The NCT U member and former Inkigayo MC celebrates another year on September 13. 

Sungchan Memo Sheet by moonjournalsco

Looking for stationery to welcome in the new academic year? This set of 24 loose-leaf memo sheets is perfect for writing notes, to-do lists, and journaling. The three-by-three-inch sheets are a throwback to MC Sungchan’s Inkigayo sailor costume, with an adorable brown frame. The hand-made designs of moonjournalsco start from $4.50, with international shipping from California.

Sungchan Stickers Set by StickerByOllie

If you still have “90’s Love” on repeat, these NCT Resonance themed stickers are perfect for you. Whether you’re decorating notepads, laptops, or phones, this pack of 18 Sungchan illustrations and photos has you covered. With prices of $5.48, you can choose matte or waterproof stickers to suit your decorating needs. StickerByOllie ships from Canada.

NCT 2020 Sungchan Deer Necklace and Earrings by neochii

The deer emoji has become synonymous with Sungchan, making this jewelry perfect for Sungchan fans otherwise known as Bambis or Angels. The handmade earrings and necklace give a subtle, yet meaningful way to pay homage to your favorite idol. Made with stainless steel and sterling silver, the hypoallergenic accessories can go with a range of casual or more dressed-up looks. Shipping from the U.K., the item by Neochii costs $7.26. The store is currently on a break but is due to reopen next month.


WayV’s rapper and animal lover celebrates his birthday on September 28!

Hendery Stickers Set by Snowboi 

Hendery’s fans, Hengni, can purchase these water-resistant, Hendery themed stickers by Snowboi. The set includes drawings of his favorite beverage, banana milk, iconic quotes, and the pets of WayV- Bella, Leon, and Louis. Starting from $5.00, fans can order these stickers from the United States and use them to decorate their water bottles, notebooks, or phone cases.

Hendery Pinback Button Badges by DimensionCulture

Inspired by WayV’s first EP The Vision, the handmade pin captures Hendery from the teaser videos. Starting at $2.00 and shipping from the United States, this item by Dimension Culture can be used to decorate a tote bag or t-shirt.

Hendery Sticker Set by PrettyUClub 

This pack of 15 stickers is perfect for any Hengni. These water-resistant stickers by PrettyUClub include illustrations of Hendery’s favorite things, including a mini WayV lightstick. Starting from $5.50, these handmade matte stickers can be used for decorating or gift giving!

Hendery Inspired Banana Milk Candle by peachybunnycosmetics 

Relax after a long day of school or work by burning this banana milk-scented candle, inspired by one of Hendery’s favorite drinks. Starting from $15.00, Peachbunnycosmetics’ 100% all-natural soy wax candle is a perfect gift for a Hengni. 

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