NCIT Inspired College Essentials

By: courtneycamilles
college essentials

Neo Culture Institute of Technology filled our fantasy of seeing NCT 127 as current college students. Even though the school year is already in full swing, it’s never too late to bring NCIT to you. Here is a list of NCT-inspired college essentials for your dorm room or personal study space! 

NCT 127 Sticky Notes – PAPERAID

This Philippines-based and student-owned business features “Sticker inspired notepads that can sit on your desk or slide them in your backpack for note-taking, quick goal setting,  or passing notes to your friends. 

College Essentials

NCT 127 Sticky Notes, Group Version (left) & Jungwoo Version (right) by PAPERAID

NCT 127 Cartoon Stickers – KallMart

NCIT is open for registration! These cartoon face stickers can be used for decorations on pretty much anything- your notebooks, pencil case, or on your laptop. Just the perfect way to show your NCIT pride. For our EnVi Media readers, you can receive a discount on your purchase of $25.70 or above using the code “ENVIMEDIA21” until October 31st. 

College Essentials

NCIT Sticker Set (left) & NCIT Cartoon Sticker Set by KallMart

NCIT Themed Tumblers and Water Bottles  – PeachBearSt

If you want to channel your inner barista like Johnny and Jaehyun, or need a water break to stay hydrated from the countless hours on zoom, these NCIT-inspired goods have you covered! The California-based store has a series of NCIT and Sticker themed cups, coming in blue, green, red, and yellow. The cups and mugs with straws are perfect for some coffee or “Lemonade!” 

college essentials

NCIT Themed Tumblers and Water Bottles by PeachBearSt

NCIT Tote Bag – Diaprnt

Carry all of your campus essentials in this NCIT monogram tote bag by this New York-based shop. The 15×16 tote comes in two colors and is also environmentally friendly. You could also use the bag on your weekly grocery trips, bookstore, or on a nice outing. 

college essentials

NCIT-inspired Tote Bag in Neon and Black by Diaprnt

Let us know what items you would like to add to your school essentials! If you want to see more NCT 127 inspired fan goods, check out our article on Sticker-inspired fan-made merchandise. We at EnVi wish all of our readers a successful school year!

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