On August 31, BTS member, Jungkook hosted a V-Live for his birthday. Titled “Happy Birthday to Me,” the 2.5-hour livestream ended with over 20 million viewers. This record places Jungkook second for the most viewed V-Live, first being held by himself at 22.1M. Jungkook did, however, break the record for most real-time likes. Shooting past the previous record of 925 million, Jungkook received over 2 billion likes.  


A Gift For ARMY

To celebrate his 24th birthday, Jungkook started the V-Live by recording a special song. A day earlier, Jungkook asked fans to post words they wanted to say to him but as lyrics. 

He took the lyric-like comments and used them to record a song. While the lyrics written by fans were originally written to Jungkook, he took the lyrics and made it about ARMY. Jungkook has countlessly shown his love for ARMY through song dedications, so this was yet another sweet moment where he showed his appreciation for fans.

Fans had a front-row seat as he recorded, re-record, layered, and even arranged the sound. Although he repeated multiple times that it was hard, Jungkook finished the song and left fans amazed.  




A Surprise Visit 

After he finished writing his song, Jungkook started singing Justin Bieber’s “Off My Face.” He told fans about the cake he prepared for himself while counting down the minutes to his birthday. 

At 12 AM KST, a series of loud knocks was heard on the studio door. It was none other than fellow member and rapper of BTS, J-Hope. Entering with a bright smile and cheers for the birthday boy, J-Hope joined the V-Live for a few minutes. The two members lit a candle together as J-Hope picked up Jungkook’s microphone and sang a sweet “Happy Birthday” song. J-Hope even stepped out for a moment only to return with another cake for the birthday boy. 


A Mini Concert

After the birthday celebrations were over, Jungkook promised fans a last song. Reading the comments, he started with BTS’ highly requested song “Paradise.” This sent fans into a frenzy. “Paradise” was never performed before so fans have a long-running joke that BTS have forgotten the song. 

Following “Paradise” to the end of the livestream, Jungkook kept repeating it’s the last song. Instead, he proceeded to hold a mini-concert for the next hour. 

There were multiple stand-out moments that made fans go crazy. Jungkook sang some of BTS’ early tracks that haven’t been heard in a while. He also sang their Japanese song “Let Go,” a rarity. From there Jungkook traveled back to 2016 with the song “2! 3!” and changed the lyrics as he sang. Where the original lyrics are “Seeing how you act, I can see that you’ll fail real soon,” Jungkook sang instead, “We didn’t fail.” 

After multiple other songs, Jungkook saw fans were requesting “Heartbeat.” Earlier in the live Jungkook brushed off the song, not remembering the track. But seeing the fans’ persistence, Jungkook searched for the song and had the most adorable reaction.  


He finished out the live singing rarely performed songs such as “Film Out,” “Sea,” and “Waste It On Me.” All the performances left fans celebrating on Twitter with their lively reactions. 

In a period where in-person concerts are not possible, Jungkook brought the concert to fans’ homes. Although it was Jungkook’s birthday, he gave the best gift to ARMY. 

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Thumbnail courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment.