Describe your business:

I have an Etsy shop called Neochii where I sell custom goods and NCT goods. The majority are hand made and if not, they are sourced, printed, and cut by myself. All custom goods are made to order and personalized to the customer’s choice. Everything is worldwide shipping except my best seller – the glass album plaques which is only shipped within the EU. I am working on new products to drop to shop soon too. 

Picture of your product(s):

nspiration and Background Story of the Shop :

I initially opened my Etsy shop to sell the Taeyong sticker sheets that I drew for his birthday. However, what really got my Etsy shop started was my glass album plaques. One day I was making the plaques for myself and put it on my social media, to which people started asking if I could make them one. I really enjoy doing creative things, so I agreed. As soon as I put it on my Etsy shop, I started getting orders which made me very happy as it’s something I love and enjoy doing. Slowly I started adding more products and everything I add to the shop are things I made for myself.

Usage of Advertisement :

I made TikTok videos of me creating the product where one of them received a lot of attention. In terms of TikTok, I had no technique as the algorithm is very random. However, I have a fan account on Instagram with a large number of following so I used my own platform to advertise the goods. My followers were really receptive to it as they are the right audience for my products. 

Unsatisfied Customers Encounters :

I’ve had unsatisfied customers, not due to the product itself but due to damage during shipping and handling. I solve this by communicating with my customers as it’s an unfortunate situation for both sides. I make sure my customers aren’t unhappy with my customer service. 

Struggles of owning a small business :

The struggles I have had with owning a small business is that I don’t get orders as often as I wish I could. It can be demotivating sometimes, especially if you’re planning to add new things to the store. Everything requires a lot of thought, time, energy, and investment. I overcome these by reminding myself to not focus on the sales but rather enjoy the process of making the products. Things don’t always happen immediately so it’s important to be patient.

Business Insights :

I have learned to never give up if something unfortunate happens. My first unsatisfied customer really demotivated me as I was not sure how to handle it. It’s really sad to see something I’ve spent so much time on being damaged but so is the customer who was looking forward to it. Through this experience, I have learned that communication is key to work things out no matter how nervous you may feel to get back to the customer about it. 

Unexpected Benefits :

Through the sales of goods, I have been able to put that back into my small shop by investing in new products. The new products require a different set of skills so I am able to try out things I’ve always wanted to do and thus gain new skills through it. Often people don’t always get craft equipment due to it being sold in small or large bulks but having a small business has allowed me to venture into more arts and crafts without creating waste by not using everything. 

Go-to advisors :

If there is something I’m unsure about, I will often check YouTube for small businesses as there are lots of videos with helpful information. I also ask my friends for advice on if they like the product and what I could do differently. It’s important to get feedback and reviews to see if I make the product even better and suitable for my target audience. 

Tips and Encouragements for aspiring sellers :

Just remember that not everything happens immediately so don’t lose your motivation! Your hard work will definitely pay off!