NCT Dream Drop “Chilling Jalapeño” Teasers, Release Pre-Order Numbers, and More Announcements

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NCT Dream Chilling Jalapeno

By Valerie Lopez | @valschwarie

Over the past few days, NCT Dream have dropped countless teasers and details about their upcoming album 맛 (Hot Sauce). Here is a breakdown of all of the information you need to know. 


“Chilling Jalapeño” Teasers

On Saturday, May 1 at 12 AM KST, NCT Dream began dropping their “Chilling Jalapeño” teasers for their first full length album. Rather than keeping indoors like they previously did for the “Crazy Jalapeño” and “Boring Jalapeño” teaser images, NCT Dream spiced things up by taking their photoshoot outside. The “Chilling Jalapeño” teasers released in the same order as the “Crazy Jalapeño” and “Boring Jalapeño” teasers with Mark and Jeno on Day 1, Haechan, Jaemin, and Chenle on Day 2, and Jisung and Renjun on Day 3, ending with group photos on Tuesday, May 4. 



Album Details

On May 1, NCT Dream also dropped their album details, revealing that each of the three sets of teasers is representative of each version of the photobook album. Each of these albums will contain a photobook, postcard book, CD, sticker sheet, folded poster, and photocard. The album will have 10 songs in total. On May 4, NCT Dream announced that they will also have seven different versions of the jewel case 맛 (Hot Sauce) albums, one version per each member.


Upcoming Performance “7DREAM RETURN! 7+맛=SHOW”

NCT Dream also announced that they will have a performance on May 11, where they will perform new songs and debut new versions of “Ridin’” and “Boom” that will include all seven members.



One Million Album Pre-Order Stock

As a testament to the buzz around NCT Dream’s album, SM Entertainment announced that the total number of stock pre-orders for 맛 (Hot Sauce) exceeded one million copies on May 3, meaning that NCT Dream is expected to sell over one million albums. On the online Korean shop Ktown4u alone, 맛 (Hot Sauce) has amassed over 385,000 copies pre-ordered and counting. There is just under a week until pre-orders close. 


More Teasers To Come

Ahead of the release of the album and music video on May 10, NCT Dream will drop three more sets of teasers: “DREAMVERSE” chapters, “Jalapeño! (Scoville 274),” and the music video teaser. While it is uncertain which songs will be released in the “DREAMVERSE” chapters and what the“Jalapeño! (Scoville 274)” will be, one thing is certain: NCT Dream will certainly wow fans. 


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