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On May 7 at 12 AM KST, NCT Dream released the third and last installment of their “DREAMVERSE” track music videos. The chapter was titled “The Taste of Pain” and introduced the new song, “Diggity,” from their upcoming full length album 맛 (Hot Sauce)

Continuing the storyline set by the “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 1 The Love Triangle” and “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 2 The Thing I Cherish,”  the third chapter focused on the NCT Dream members during their leisure time. The video opened with Mark, watching television, when he called the others over after thinking the music stars on his screen resembled his friends. “Diggity” then played and the scene switched to the music video that Mark was watching. With tons of strong dancing and the use of power tools, NCT Dream showed off their powerful performance and construction abilities in their matching blue uniforms. Once the snippet of the song ended, the scene returned to Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Renjun, who loved the video but suddenly realized that Chenle, Jisung, and Haechan were missing. The missing trio in question then popped up on the screen, sitting in the playground from “DREAMVERSE: Chapter 2.” They discussed their jobs at the cafe before going on a tangent about how spicy food makes the tongue experience pain. After the mention of pain, the video ended with the camera focused on Jisung, who held up the candle Mark gave him in the first chapter as he said, “I didn’t know you can taste pain.”

NCT Dream initially teased the cafe storyline on April Fool’s Day when they changed their Instagram layout from their Resonance era image to Cafe 7 Dream content. On that same day, NCT Dream also dropped a video introducing fans to their barista personas. Since then, NCT Dream has released two vlogs showing off their hard work at the cafe, behind the scenes clips, and photos of their unique cafe goods and the group on the clock on Instagram.


Loving the Music

NCTzens shared their love for the music and vocals.


Admiration for the Members

As always, fans also expressed their love for their favorite members.


New Memes

Some NCTzens used the new content as an opportunity to joke.

The final set of teasers will be NCT Dream’s “Jalapeño! (Scoville 274)” on May 8 and the “Hot Sauce” music video teaser on May 9. The full album and music video for the title track “Hot Sauce” will be released on May 10. 

맛 (Hot Sauce) is not out yet, but NCT Dream have already started feeding fans in the previous months through YouTube content, appearances on Super Junior’s Idol vs Idol, and a new collaboration song with the children’s entertainment company, Pinkfong. With so much content out and more to be released, NCTzens will certainly enjoy digesting the content in the coming days.

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