Central America

How long have you been listening to K-music?

Almost 4 years or so.

When and how did you first start stanning NCT? What stood out about them from other groups to you?

When I first listened to the 7th sense I fell completely in love with the amazing dance piece they created for the song, I had been listening casually to Kpop and never considered myself a “stan” but they got me deep into it and I decided to call myself a Stan around 2 years ago or so. Truly as a dance geek, they got me hooked by their dance skills, the 7th sense is thus the perfect example of the NCT print, versatile and unique! 

What does NCT mean to you? What has changed in your life/about you since you’ve found them?

Honestly, they mean a lot to me in terms of music and the arts. I get inspired by how they treat their art and what they do to the max. Art is for the enjoyment of everyone and they make it so fun and entertaining! 

What’s your favorite NCity moment?

Probably when Jaehyun got caught not fulfilling the social distancing rules?  I also loved the JCC when Mark, Doyoung and Johnny had a sleepover 🙁

What is one thing you’d want to say to NCT or want them to know? It can be about you, about their music, about the fandom, etc.

I would thank them for allowing us to see them perform, sing, rap, and dance. Art is about vulnerability and sincerity and their love for what they do is always so mesmerizing to be. What’s more beautiful than someone who loves what they do and it shows? Thank you for letting me get inspired by your dancing, I’m going to do my best to go back to my dancing classes ?

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Thumbnail: Xiaojun x Bella by  @seize_theart