Listening to K-Music:
Around the mid-marker of 2014, I started listening to K-Music. So, I’ve been listening for about 6 years now!

Stanning NCT:
I want to emphasize the fact that I almost refused to comprehend the possibility of me paying attention to any male SM Rookies content. This is because I realized that there were just way too many boys for me to pay attention to as I was watching the “Switch” MV and picking up various information from TL osmosis. But when T7S dropped, the only thing I could say was, “I [think I’m] gonna get into NCT U… I’ve cracked NCT’s complex concept.” Initially, I didn’t WANT to commit to liking multiple people in the topsy-turvy system that NCT is, but T7S was such a key selling point for me. Later on, NCT Life helped cement my budding NCTzenship by showing each member’s personalities, and although I didn’t fully commit until maybe around the Empathy era, I was always a casual fan!

NCT’s impact:
During my year abroad in South Korea, I met some fantastic people from all over the world (some of who are now my closest friends), saw some wonderful NCT performances and events, and enjoyed putting my all into supporting such wonderful and compelling performers. It’s been six years since I picked up being invested in K-Pop groups as a hobby. Now, I’m an adult who is slowly falling out of the fandom scene, but I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of NCT. Everything about them is just so ridiculously fun.

Favorite NCity moment:
My favorite NCity moment would be the palpable rollercoaster of emotions the entire USA run of NCT’s tour. Anyone who was not able to attend felt like they were watching something bad and something beautiful happening at the same time every morning they logged onto Twitter. That, and probably the surge of so many Pudu connections to Haechan that they donated to the LA Zoo and christened him “Donghyuck.” Extremely good. Extremely cursed.

What would you say to NCT:
Through the various messages they’ve given to us over the years, particularly from Taeyong and Doyoung, they know how much we care about and for them. I’d just like to thank them for calming us despite any of our worries, and for blessing us with such beautiful words every time they want to, through SNS services like Bubble. I am grateful for their way of sharing their thoughts and feelings with us at any time.