By Marbella Ramirez | @jaehvunity

Starting early December 2020, InterFm897 gave Yuta a cozy platform to interact with fans. Using his soothing voice and charismatic personality, he successfully captivated the hearts of fans and unsuspecting locals alike, earning an extension of his radio show through the month of March.

Originally, the radio segment was part of multiple promotions for NCT 127’s newest Japanese album LOVEHOLIC. It was only a temporary gig, set to end in February, for the Osaka-born Nakamoto Yuta, however after several mass email projects and overwhelming support by fans, YUTA at Home is officially extended.

The radio extension comes after the successful launch of LOVEHOLIC.  The tabloid album version placed first place in the Oricon weekly album chart, first on Billboard’s Japan Hot Albums ranking, LINE MUSIC, Daily Japan, Rakuten Music, and worldwide iTunes Album Chart. The decision to extend the radio broadcast received praise from not only fans, but Japanese stores.

YUTA’s Yuta at Home stayed true to its purpose by providing a nurturing environment for its listeners. It may have only been meant as a promotion for NCT’s Japan audience, but it brought together fans from around the world.


While Yuta has been enjoying these past few months on air, his Instagram has been brewing up numbers. Officially, he has become the most followed male Japanese artist, 4th most followed Japanese artist overall. 

Listen in on Yuta’s growth every Friday, 11 pm JST on InterFM 897 and make sure to send supportive emails to [email protected] and messages using #YUTA897 on Twitter. 

This isn’t NCT’s first time in the DJ host chair, read more about NCT’s history with radio here!