Dear Seulgi and Ryujin

By: EnVi Magazine

Dear Seulgi and Ryujin,


Woah… where do I even begin? Women’s month is huge, rightly so, and I guess you two came to mind when I thought of the women I look up to. 

So, I should start by saying thank you. Thank you to all the women who work hard -for themselves and others- everyday, thank you to the mums, nans, aunts, sisters and friends, thank you to all the women who love unapologetically, thank you to the women who inspire me everyday and thank you to you.

When I reflect on what makes a good person, what it’s like to be a woman, I think of many traits. Those who share these traits, that I personally look up to, are you two – Seulgi and Ryujin. 

After training in performing arts and knowing the harsh environment that can often form around performers, it brings me warmth knowing that there are many positive role models such as you amazing women. 

On a technical level, you are phenomenal performers. Your dancing is isolated, in time, smooth and emotive (I mean, we see how those shoulders move Ryujin). Whenever I watch your performances, I’m most in awe of your clean and strong movements, something I was never strong at when studying PA. You create such a vivid atmosphere on stage, that I can’t help but feel powerful watching you. Likewise, your vocals are stable, with a good range and technique. You provide constant variety, yet still manage to keep it true to you. You work hard on and off stage, sharing so much of the process and your lives with us. I resonate with your training and your technical abilities but also with the energy you feel. I think a lot of fans (whether they know much about PA or not) can feel your emotion too and can appreciate how amazing you are at your work. You teach many to better themselves and remind them that hard work pays off.

I understand that life in the limelight may present a lot of difficulties, but the way you present yourselves and interact with overs fills me with such warmth because it’s professional and kind – which is something we should be reminded of daily. That kindness and hard work are extremely important. You’re grateful and you both prove that sisterhood is so much stronger than competition. 

I have to admit, that in my personal life I don’t often connect with females, but you’ve proved to be common ground with many, so I’d like to thank you for not only keeping me motivated but also allowing me to connect with others. 

I can’t wait to see what more you’ll both do. I’ll continue to work hard in your name and in mine. Thank you, on behalf of every Reveluv and Midzy. 

We love you and cherish you.



Thumbnail by @karenmayc