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Ideas and inspirations for group order account:

Actually, it’s because the admin needs it at first. I really love to buy cute things beside the official goods. As you know, NCTzens have many talented artists and a lot of creative people. They often sell their self-made goods, but back then there were only a few Group Order accounts or even no Group Order account at all that open orders for the goods that I wanted to buy. Because of that, I try to open Group Order myself for a lot of goods besides the official one. And it’s for my friends only at first, but now we are open for everyone. We open Group Order for official and fan made / fansite goods.


We take all official goods that are released by SM and fan made goods such as goods from fansites, fan artists, or other fan made goods as long as they’re related to NCT.

Responsibilities as a group order manager (GOM):

I think it is to help other fans to get what they really want. So, we have responsibilities starting from ordering the goods until delivered to them safely.

The most important thing in handling a group order account:

The most important thing is great communication. We try to always communicate with the buyer since a lot of things can happen on handling Group Order for K-pop goods, such as delays from websites etc. So, communication is the key to make sure no one feels worried.

Motivation and benefits gained from handling group order account:

What motivates us of course is the need to help fellow NCTzens and other K-poppers to get goods from their favorite artists. For benefit, we earned profit, but more than that, we meet other NCTzens and made a lot of new friends. It makes us learn how to manage our time, too. We’ve learned a lot from handling a group order account.

Problems or issues encountered: 

We’ve encountered issues both from suppliers and customers. We’ve faced some problematic customers that try to take advantage of us, and said that we didn’t send all of their orders and wanted us to send it again, even though we’re sure that we did already send all of the orders correctly. From the supplier side, a lot of problems come from fansites. Some of the fansites are really problematic. They didn’t send your order correctly and sometimes they cancel product production but won’t give you a refund.

Usage of Advertisement:

We did it through social media such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Ways of securing funds for group order account:

We have a down payment system, so the customers have to deposit a certain amount of money first, then we’ll order it to the suppliers. Besides that, we use our own money.

Plans in 2 to 3 more years as a group order manager:

We’re not really sure if we still wanted to be group order managers in 2 or 3 more years, considering it’s not our main job.


Since managing a group order is harder than you expected at first, it’s best to do research on everything first. Also, at the start, try to do small group orders for your friends first, before you open an order up to the public, so you can learn first.


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