By: Mafe Morales | @MafeMoralesl

On May 13th (KST), with the release of the teaser of the EMK production “Marie Antoinette” and the final reveal of the cast for the third season of the musical, fans got to see a small clip of NCT’s Doyoung who will be joining the return of the musical in his role as Count Axel Fersen a Swedish aristocrat. This is Doyoung’s first-ever take as a musical actor and Nctizens are excited about what is to come.

In the clip, we got to see Count Axel make his appearance embracing his love, Marie Antoinette. “Marie, our last is already been decided” With just one line portraying so much emotion coupled with his outstanding visuals, Doyoung caused havoc in Ncity.


Fans also expressed how excited they were for this new challenge Doyoung was taking.



The musical opens on the 13th of July, 2021 at the Charlotte Theater in Seoul. 

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