Anderson .Paak returned to Apple Music with season two of his show .Paak House Radio. He was responsible for musical phenomena like “Leave The Door Open” and “Am I Wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q).” .Paak House Radio injected comedic flair while .Paak and his guests riffed off of one another. For the launch of his new season, .Paak brought on industry heavy hitters like Victoria Monét, aespa, and Saweetie.

Content to Smile to

In an age where short-form videos dominate the attention of consumers, .Paak House Radio pulled elements from late night, live music, and sitcom shows. He paired ‘70s and ‘80s television with the modern meme culture of the 2020s. 

This was best displayed in the viral clip of .Paak sporting a leopard print suit and dancing to “On My Mama” with Victoria Monét. However, .Paak brought it back to the music in a sit down with the R&B singer as she opened up on the meaning behind her critically acclaimed album JAGUAR. After all, her career trajectory was like stepping into that light. Like being fearless and fierce, and like getting what I always wanted.”

K-pop Meets .Paak House

Anderson .Paak then switched lanes from R&B to K-pop. It isn’t his first rodeo with K-pop stars, as his encounter with NCT 127 became a meme across the internet. This time around, he was joined by K-pop sensation aespa. The quartet is best known for their punchy, EDM infused pop.

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning were first greeted with a drum set that they were tasked with assembling. Anderson .Paak’s son, Soul Rasheed, approached the members telling them in Korean that they had five minutes to build the drum. And when it was clear they wouldn’t be able to set the drum set up in five minutes, .Paak came to their rescue. Flexing his percussion skills shortly before asking “You guys got some music?” aespa then partook in their #BetterThingsChallenge while .Paak supported the quartet on the drums.

Image Courtesy of .Paak House Radio on Apple Music 1

Taking Us to Church with Saweetie

Episode two saw a more laid-back .Paak who got candid with the Bay Area-raised rapper, Saweetie. The set was an elaborate yet cozy room with a couch in the middle. This time around, Saweetie and .Paak sat down, with Free Nationals who accompanied them as a live band. As the two delved into childhood, Saweetie revealed that her grandparents were “pastors. Apostolic Christian. I was a church baby. Monday through Monday. I mean, my parents was out, you know, and my grandparents would babysit me. So, I’d be at the church with them.”

Name That Tune with Saweetie and Rogét Chahayed

As the episode went on, the two also chatted about fast food and played “Name That Tune.” Rogét Chahayed also took part in this segment, and lent his skills on the keyboard to the show. His role was to play short snippets of songs for both Saweetie and .Paak to guess. This segment of the show pulled from the game shows of the mid-twentieth century, and adopted elements from the old TV sets of the ‘50s. For this segment, .Paak played himself and a spunky gameshow host while donning a red suit. Rogét Chahayed did the honors of playing hits like “Broccoli” (feat. Lil Yachty) by DRAM, which gave Saweetie the win against .Paak. The episode concluded with Saweetie and the catchy jingle she made for Wendy’s

Image Courtesy of .Paak House Radio on Apple Music 1

Both episodes one and two of the show are now available for streaming on Apple Music 1 and Apple TV.

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