If you’re in New York and are looking for a K-pop event to mark the end of your summer, look no further than Krazy K-pop Super Concert. August 26 marks the first ever Krazy K-pop Super Concert at UBS Arena in Belmont Park, NY. Artists performing include SHOWNU and HYUNGWON of MONSTA X, IVE, AB6IX, CRAVITY, and soloist Kwon Eun Bi.

The event is hosted by Pulse Events, a company established in 2015 that’s been bringing EDM and K-pop events across North America and the world. Some South Korean artists they’ve worked with in the past include EXO, BIGBANG, and T-ARA.

CEO of Pulse Events, Luffy Huang, told EnVi via email about Krazy K-pop Super Concert, his inspiration behind Pulse Events, and what performances he’s looking forward to seeing.

What inspired you to produce a K-pop festival and why New York City?           

I love New York City very much. It is a multicultural and open city and also a very fashionable and historic city. I hope that I can bring the most authentic and popular K-pop culture and content to New York, and at the same time bring the culture of New York to every K-pop artist who comes to perform, so as to build a bridge connecting Eastern and Western cultures. That’s why I decided to put on a K-pop music festival that belongs here in New York.

What similarities do you find between K-pop and EDM audiences?  

Both EDM and K-pop are favorites of young people today. They both represent the aesthetics that the younger generation pursue, the openness and acceptance of multiculturalism, and at the same time represent love and peace.  I hope to unite young people in Asia and around the world by presenting the best show and experience.

What was different about organizing a K-pop festival compared to EDM ones in the past?               

The music styles of EDM and K-pop are completely different as well as the way the artists perform, so the production must conform to each one.

What inspired Pulse Events? What is your story?               

I started my career in music and entertainment in Asia 20 years ago, from singer, host, to producer, bringing different music and artists to Asia and around the world. I understand that cultures and lifestyles are different in different places, but everyone is very enthusiastic about music and performances. This is a love that transcends language and culture. Driven by this love, I decided to create Pulse Events, blending Eastern and Western cultures through our events, so that all young people can experience the love in our scene.

What do you hope the impact of Krazy K-pop Super Concert will be?

Krazy represents K-pop, Radical, Asian crush, Gen Z, and everything trendy and my goal is for every fan to experience this.

What group are you most excited to see perform? Any song you’re hoping is on the lineup?      

Each artist is hand-picked by me, so I’m eager to see the performances of every group, but I’m most excited about IVE, who are performing in New York for the first time. I hope to hear the song “I AM”.

Can K-pop fans expect more events with Pulse in the future?      

We are preparing for the next super concert in LA or other cities around the world. We will bring you surprises at the end of this year or early next year. I hope you will continue to support Krazy.

What makes a Pulse production stand out from other events?       

It is the dedication to our goal and the love for performances. At the same time, we understand our fans’ thoughts, so we try our best to present the best stages and experience.

What is it like seeing the fast-growing Asian representation in EDM and dance music?          

It makes me very happy and excited, I hope to bring Pulse events to Asia as soon as possible, so that more Asian fans who love EDM can join us.

What is it like to be a pioneer of culture and media in the Asian American music landscape?      

It’s an honor, but we hope to do better and give fans better experiences and content.

What’s next for Pulse?     

Next, we will bring you the Full Moon party, Winter Festival, and 2024 Spring Festival. Artists such as Seven Lions and Afrojack will bring wonderful performances.

Is there anything we didn’t ask that you’d like to speak about?    

To every fan who likes music and concerts, whether they know Asian culture or not — our events will bring surprises, come and join us!

If you’d like to buy tickets for Krazy K-pop Super Concert, check out the event page here!