If you’re in the northern hemisphere of the world, you’re just now getting out of the dreary, surprisingly not-too-cold winter. You may be steamrolling through the wet and mushy spring and looking forward to a toasty and golden summer. As we head into the sunny season, you might want to travel, attend concerts and festivals, and hang out with all the friends you might not have seen in years. In preparation for the warmer weather, EnVi rounded up some of the best products for your booked-and-busy fun in the sun.

Stay Moisturized

Flamingo Spray moisturizing lotion

This quick and convenient spray moisturizer is a great replacement for cream lotion for when you’re on the go. It goes on light and even and absorbs into the skin fast. This is NOT a substitute for sunscreen, make sure to apply your preferred sunscreen (read on to see our suggestions) afterward. 

FuturewiseSlug Boost

Born in 2022, Futurewise is a new brand making your favorite viral skincare hack — slugging — convenient and travel-sized.  Slugging is the act of slathering your face in Vaseline or thick moisturizer to sit and absorb on your skin while you sleep. Their new Slug Boost spray is best to use on clean skin right after you shower to lock moisture in. As cited on their website, Slug Boost is made with a “trio of water-attracting humectants,” substances that attract water from the air or from deeper in the skin. The key ingredients ensure deeper penetration in the layers of skin. Make sure to use your usual lotion on top in rapid succession for that extra level of protection.

Spray moisturizing lotion
Slug Boost

Stay Screened

Hello SundayInvisible Sun Stick

Hello Sunday’s small sunscreen stick works best for those on-the-go moments. It’s small enough to fit right into your bag and perfect for the most sensitive places you might forget to apply sunscreen to — like your ears, neck, or collarbone. It dries invisibly on the skin, has a light orange scent, and is free from potentially harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, octinoxate, and benzophenone. 

Bask Suncare 

Bask’s On The Go sunscreen pack (currently sold out) is a must-have for those moments you need a quick reapplication while having fun in the sun. The pack comes with seven 7.25 oz packets of Bask’s SPF 30 lotion that are easy to keep in your pocket to rip open, apply, and throw away. The vegan, reef-free lotion goes on sheer and is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes.

COOLA Scalp & Hair Mist Organic Sunscreen 

There aren’t many feelings that are more uncomfortable than the scorching sun rays directly over you, beaming down on your scalp. Not only could this cause redness and burns on your scalp, but it can also lead to hair thinning and even hair loss. COOLA’s scalp and hair mist sunscreen is the ideal spray to protect the sensitive place you often forget.

Hello Sunday
Invisible Sun Stick
Bask Suncare
Bask On The Go Pack
Scalp & Hair Mist Organic Sunscreen

Stay Smooth

FlamingoDermaplaning razor 

A dermaplaning razor is a quick fix if you need to spruce up your eyebrows and don’t have time for meticulous tweezing. Easy to store in any bag you’re carrying, just make sure to keep the lid on it if you’re going through airport security — something we learned from personal experience. 

Flamingo –  Wax strips

Flamingo’s portable wax strips work for your upper lip, bathing suit, and bikini areas. The strips are very easy to use and make the hair removal process so smooth (see what I did there). No wax, no mess, and most importantly, no pain.

Dermaplaning razor
Wax strips

Stay Fresh

HAAN – Morning Glory Spray Hand Sanitizer

There’s nothing better to make you feel fresh than ridding your hands and personal effects from all the germs floating around. Keep HAAN’s spray sanitizer handy to make sure you stay disinfected. Not only does it come in convenient packaging with fun, bold colors, but it is also made with aloe vera to soothe and moisturize your hands. In addition, it’s refillable, so you can keep the same bottle and reduce waste with the refill solution that comes separately. Focusing on sustainability, HAAN also donates 20% of all profits toward building water wells in undeveloped nations.

RevlonOil Absorbing Volcanic Roller 

Keep it cute, compact, and muted with this oil roller to help reduce oiliness on your skin. More convenient than your everyday blotting papers, the oil roller is made from real volcanic stone that absorbs excess oil and mattifies your face. The roller is reusable, easy to clean, and great to use on sensitive, acne-prone skin. 

MonksNatural AHA Deodorant Stick

If you’re looking to start your natural deodorant journey or are in the market for a new one, Monks’ AHA stick is the latest to gain attention. The gender-neutral, vegan product also is free of parabens, aluminum, coconut oil, and baking soda but does contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) to help balance PH. It dries fast while remaining colorless on the skin with an airy floral scent and earthy undertones. Not into the rose scent? No problem! This deodorant stick comes in woodsy and peppery scents as well.

Bonus! Each scent comes with a corresponding deodorant spray for quick and light touch-ups.

Morning Glory Spray Hand Sanitizer
Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller
Natural AHA Deodorant Stick

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