Just five months after their record-breaking release of single “ASAP,” girl group STAYC is back with the release of their first mini-album, STEREOTYPE. Released on September 6, the album features four unique tracks that showcase the rookie group’s talent and growth. 


STAYC Girls Stand Out

I’LL BE THERE,” “SLOW DOWN,” “COMPLEX,” and “STEREOTYPE,” are the four tracks on the mini-album and from first listen, STAYC lived up to the expectations placed on them from their successful previous album, STAYDOM. They displayed soothing vocals, smooth rapping, and the funky beats that they are known for on each track of the new release. 

The title track, “색안경 STEREOTYPE,” is a refreshing and bubbly track with positive lyrics and a colorful music video to match. The song details breaking the stereotypes faced by the members and other young girls of their generation. They don’t want to be judged by their looks, but instead loved for what is inside and embraced for who they are without prejudice.

From the beautiful makeup, eye-catching hairstyles, and fun cheerleading outfits, the music video was made to catch fans’ attention and keep them interested from beginning to end. Seeun shocked fans by sharing that “색안경 STEREOTYPE” was actually made two years ago, but it was finally released on September 6 after years of waiting.


STAYC Will Be There

I’LL BE THERE” is the second song on the album, and is described as a breath of fresh air, with a soothing intro and heartfelt vocals to match. This track aims to show off STAYC’s pure side while keeping their distinct color. 

The third track on the EP is titled “SLOW DOWN.” The song has a fun beat with a catchy melody that gets stuck in your head. Most notably, member Yoon shined while rapping throughout the second half of the song.

The mini-album finishes on a high note with the track “COMPLEX”. The track is an instant earworm with soft vocals and a guitar opening the song. It captures the early 2000s/Y2K vibe it was going for, with main vocalist Sieun delivering an outstanding whistle note towards the end that grabs the listener’s attention. 


STEREOTYPE Dominates the Charts

With their new release, STAYC charted on iTunes Worldwide song and album charts, peaking at number 6, alongside a debut on South Korea’s Melon chart. STEREOTYPE also became the group’s highest first-day physical album sales on the Hanteo charts.


Fan Reactions

Following the release of the album and music video, STAYC fans, named SWITH, took to Twitter to show their excitement and support for the group.




With STEREOTYPE, STAYC delivered a solid follow-up to their massively successful prior release, showing continued growth and promising talent just a year into their debut. The members always say “it’s going down” but for fans and those keeping an eye on STAYC’s journey, it is clear that things are only going up for the girl group.

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