By Samruddhi Harve | @nctteaparty

Interview translated by Vel | @levelled_102020


In early April, NCT’s Taeyong had his fans looking everywhere for a pair of pajamas. Specifically, a pair with bunnies. Taeyong, who usually greets his fans with a charismatic and glamorous look on stage, showed a contrasting image during a live broadcast.

He wore rabbit pajamas from the collaboration between Life the Hwawon and Le Petit Lucas du Tertre. Taeyong is well known for his sartorial choices, and lately, has been gravitating towards adorable prints.

Life the Hwawon, the shop where Taeyong purchased his pajamas, has its own unique story. Founded by C.E.O. Kim Seon Kyung, the brand has developed into the lifestyle shop it is today. “Life the Hwawon holds the underlying belief of co-existence—that we dream of a day where all life forms live in a happier and more beautiful world, where we have a better life and existence,” Ms. Kim told EnVi.


History of Hwawon

Formerly known as ‘the Hwawon,’ the brand started its journey in 2012 as a garden cafe in the luscious green boulevard of Garosu-Gil in Seoul. Its name is derived from the Korean word ‘화원’ (hwawon) meaning garden. In The industrial and fast-paced city, the Hwawon served as an oasis for people looking for “a life surrounded by more greenery.” 


Due to the industrialization of the area, The Hwawon moved to a different location in 2018. The cafe then evolved into ‘Life the Hwawon’—a lifestyle shop in Seongsoonseong-Gil at Hanyang-Do.


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“Life the Hwawon strives towards co-existence in the world, and hopes that all producers, retailers, and customers can create products that are good and fairly priced,” said Ms. Kim. The brand continues to protect the vitality of life through sustainable products. They showcase virtuous products by partnering with craftsmen, artists, and producers who exercise fair trade practices. 


Birth of the Bunny Pajamas


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Right before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped global travels, C.E.O. Kim Seon Kyung met the representative of the French brand, Le Petit Lucas du Tertre in January of 2020. Le Petit Lucas du Tertre is a brand founded by Marie Lucas and Clémence du Tertre, specializing in kidswear and homeware. It was this meeting that resulted in the production of rabbit print pajamas for adults. 


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During his live broadcast, Taeyong also showed cushions and a blanket in the same print. A large demand for the pajamas driven by NCTzens resulted in a group order by the brand to accommodate the inquiries. The collaborator, Le Petit Lucas du Tertre, added a tab on their website saying “You’re looking for Taeyong pajamas? Click here.” 


The Future of Hwawon

Taeyong’s love for animals, especially dogs, has inspired Life the Hwawon. In an Instagram post, they announced they would be donating a part of the proceeds of the group order under Taeyong’s name to help abandoned dogs and cats. Ms. Kim told EnVi, “I am not only impressed but also moved by the passion and love that fans have.” 


Life the Hwawon continually inspires its consumers to make conscious choices to move towards a better tomorrow. “The fact that none of our lives are the exact same is art in itself. As such, Life the Hwawon hopes to continue adding to the beauty of the value of our own lives.”

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