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Although March has begun to wind down, the music releases sure haven’t. From the coolest country chart-toppers to the newest rising rock tracks, Team EnVi has got it all for you in this week’s installment of Sunday Spin!

Vincent Blue – “Honesty (Pink Sweat$ Cover)”

Blue meets Pink as Korean R&B singer-songwriter Vincent Blue greets the spring season in his cover of American R&B artist Pink Sweat$‘s debut single “Honesty.” Paying homage to the original, Vincent shows his deep admiration and appreciation for the hit song as he presents a delicate rendition of the personal lyrical exchange. “Honesty” embodies the fear of falling in love and unease in becoming vulnerable with someone. Taking the form of a conversation, two lovers wishing to confirm their affections for one another are expressed in the soul-pop song. Combining his falsetto vocals and unique charisma alongside the original warm acoustic style, Vincent enhances the track’s sentimentalism which captivates listeners at first listen.

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Maggie Rose – “Fake Flowers”

American soul and country artist Maggie Rose continued building anticipation for her upcoming studio album with her latest single “Fake Flowers.” Following the release of three other tracks, “Fake Flowers” also precedes the drop of No One Gets Out Alive, which will arrive on April 5. “Fake Flowers” digs deep into what happens when someone you love betrays you. Written by Rose and the notable duo Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony (who have written for heavy hitters including Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Miley Cyrus), the emotional song is an outlet when “All the trust here is gone.” 

An organ and electric guitars back Rose’s soulful yet powerful voice. “I don’t believe anything you say,” she reveals in the lyrics, adding with a little more fire with the line, “Keep your fake flowers.” In the final chorus, “Fake Flowers” builds to its emotional peak as the piano chords emphasize Rose’s message. “I let myself be angry. That was liberating. I wasn’t softening the edges of my feelings for anyone or worrying about how it would land,” Rose explained in a press release. After No One Gets Alive comes out on April 5, Rose will embark on a three-month tour in the U.S., with stops in Nashville, Virginia Beach, and Ohio.  

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Chloe Star – “Wasted Youth”

Last week, Persian, Indigenous, and queer musician Chloe Star released her newest single, “Wasted Youth.” Considered a “modern day rockstar,” the rising force of an artist easily proves this in her defiant track. You want a safe place to release all of your anger and frustration? Look no further than “Wasted Youth.” With lyrics such as “I had nobody I could call / And nowhere to escape“ backed by frantic electric guitars and a chanted chorus, “Wasted Youth” is the shot of energy you need on your playlist. In the hook, Star scream-sings, “What a f**ked up wasted youth,” encouraging listeners to join in. 

As Star revealed in a TikTok video, “Wasted Youth” calls back to the time she spent at a wilderness retreat when she was 16 years old. However, that “wilderness retreat” was nothing short of being kidnapped. In the pictures Star showed, too, she is covered in red blotches and scars from the sheer amount of bug bites she had. The rising alt-pop singer-songwriter shared more thoughts about the inspiration for “Wasted Youth” in a press release: “This song is about my experience going through that program, but it’s also a song that brings light to the fact that if I hadn’t been sent there, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” she said. “Without it, I wouldn’t be able to share my story and open the door for others to share their stories.”

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Kacey Musgraves – “Deeper Well”

Country’s sweetheart Kacey Musgraves has released yet another deep-cut of an album. Deeper Well is the sixth LP from the seven-time GRAMMY award-winner and has already become a notable feat in her career. Deeper Well has become Musgraves’ fifth record to debut at the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Country Album chart and even debuted at the No. 2 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. The bittersweet title track, which shares the name of the LP, is about learning to leave behind what no longer serves you. Musgraves opens with her delicate vocals as she explains, “My Saturn has returned,” and lyrically, it could not be more accurate.

Saturn returns are not to be taken lightly in the astrology community — they are periods that tend to signify a massive transitional period in your life. So the opening line is fitting as Musgraves deep-dives into her past, her present, and her future. Over a strummy acoustic guitar melody, she bids farewell to all of the above as she sings, “No regrets, baby, I just think that maybe / It’s natural when things lose their shine.” As Musgraves embarks on a new chapter in her life, it is clear that listeners aren’t going to let go of the artist or her music any time soon. Fans can celebrate change with Kacey Musgraves on “The Deeper Well World Tour,” which kicks off on April 28 in Dublin, Ireland and closes on December 7 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Wooseok – “Navy Blue”

Following his departure from Cube Entertainment in late 2023, Pentagon’s Wooseok signed with UNDFND Entertainment and released his first solo single album, Empty Paper on February 24. The release marks the turning of a page while also serving as an ode to his past memories. Referencing Pentagon’s fandom color in the title song, “Navy Blue,” Wooseok expresses how deeply rooted the events of his past are: “Navy blue, my insides are like a deep, dark night.” Later on in the song, he also displays hesitation about starting a new path on his own as he sings, “I can’t move forward, new blue / The end may be short, but I hope you’ll be happy.” 

In the music video for “Navy Blue,” Wooseok is seen alone in the expanse of the mountains with only a guitar to keep him company, likely representing how important music is in his life. Known as a main rapper, he showcased his seldom-heard vocals by singing, “I believe in the saying that a better tomorrow will come, just look up / (You’re) Holding back those eyes filled with sadness / Don’t make me laugh, cry / It’s not funny, just look up.” Through “Navy Blue,” Wooseok reminds listeners to reach for their dreams regardless of any inner conflict they may be facing.

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Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus – “II MOST WANTED”

Iconic singer Beyoncé tapped into her Texas roots to release her highly-anticipated album COWBOY CARTER on Friday. The 27-track album contains some notable features, including Dolly Parton, Post Malone, and Willie Nelson. One of the most popular features of the album is Miley Cyrus in the track “II MOST WANTED.” Cyrus’ raspy tone matched with Beyonce’s smooth vocals adds a hint of edginess to the sweet guitar melody. They sing, “I’ll be your shotgun rider / ’Til the day I die / Smoke out the window flyin’ / Down the 405,” embodying the feelings of excitement and invincibility that comes with newfound love.

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Sinéad Harnett – “Burn”

British singer-songwriter Sinéad Harnett returned with her intense track “Burn.” This release gave listeners another taste of her upcoming album called Boundaries, which is set to drop on April 26. With a slow piano and a melancholic tune, Harnett displays true vulnerability through her emotional lyrics. The song portrays her inner conflict to trust someone again after experiencing past heartbreak. “Don’t get too close to me / I can’t control the heat / I’m like the third degree / And baby you’ll burn,” she sings in the chorus, warning her lover to stay away before she hurts them. Harnett expressed her thoughts in an Instagram post, “It can be at our safest that we feel most exposed, and most scared. Because feeling safe isn’t familiar for so many of us.”

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Nini Music, NiNi – “HUNG UP” Who likes folk metal? |🔥NiNi Music – HUNG UP #folkmetal #thehu #otyken #ninimusic #bloodywood #metal #fyp #foryou #alt #guitartok ♬ HUNG UP – Nini Music & NiNi

Taiwanese folk metal artist NiNi Music released her hardcore single “HUNG UP” on March 26. Adding a twist to an established rock subgenre, NiNi Music stands out by incorporating traditional Asian instruments into her music. “HUNG UP” is performed by her band NiNi, following the tale of an Asian folk legend about the ghost of a hanged victim and her journey to vindication. The lyrics contain a hopeful message within the dark tale as the band sings, “Don’t do this alone and cut yourself off / From every soul that needs you here … Nothing gets better if you disappear.” No longer restrained by the world, the ghost seeks peace and liberation in the afterlife.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “Feel It” by dv4d, “Somehow Different” by Jukjae and Choi Yu Rae, “Spare Me” by Ella Gavin, “Give It Up For Love” by Gossip, and “blank” by babychair. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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