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Just as the summer weather grows hotter and you wish for a cool breeze, Team EnVi has compiled new music to refresh your ears. Whether you’re ready to dance in the sun or just want to lay in the shade, this week’s Sunday Spin has everything for you!

Raveena – “Lucky” 

In response to the question “Would you still love me if I was a worm?”, Raveena reassures that she would. Despite all the trials of life and ways the world may beat us down, “Lucky,” speaks of unconditional and gentle love. Soft acoustic guitar riffs, synth, and light violin accompany Raveena’s airy vocals. Featured on her third album, Where the Butterflies Go in the Rain, the song tells of the intimacies of lovers’ relationship.

When asked about inspiration for the album, the Indian American artist said, “Butterflies are so delicate that they have to hide in leaves and flowers until the rain passes so that their wings don’t get crushed in the rain. I felt like that was kind of a metaphor for where I was in my life. I needed to go back to comfort — to deep rest — and stop weathering storms.” Much like a warm hug, the chorus’ lyrics, “Act like you’re tough but inside you’re melting / No need to hide it, you know you’re lucky,” reassure the listener that they do not have to put up a front. Instead, they can find rest and comfort in the presence of their lover.

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Regina Song – “fangirl”

Whirlwind romance is not always as heart-fluttering as it may seem, as Regina Song describes in her debut album, fangirl. Similar to the distance between fan and artist, the concept of “falling in love from afar” is reflected in the lyrics of the title track. The line between friend and lover is often blurry and confusing, especially when the relationship is new.

In “fangirl,” Regina tells of a one-sided love with mixed signals. Although she sings from the position of someone in love, her “lover” treats her as more of a fan than a partner. Regina’s vocals reach a firm tone at the song’s climax, when she realizes her love is not reciprocated in the same way. Set over a piano instrumental leading into a soft rock arrangement and back, the song conveys the emotional journey of acceptance. For all those who also feel lost in their relationship status, “fangirl” is here for you.

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K-pop’s It Girl, NAYEON of TWICE, came back with her latest album NA featuring seven tracks including the title “ABCD,” a must-add to all of your playlists. With “ABCD,” NAYEON takes us back to the dance-pop R&B vibes of the 2000s, reminiscent of hits like Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.” NAYEON sings with powerful vocals about noticing the attention of a boy who she will make her lover whether he knows it or not. Real girl-boss energy! In the music video, clad in short-shorts, high-slit dresses, and corsets, NAYEON stuns as she dances around capturing the attention of everyone she walks past. If you’re on the search for a proud anthem about love and affection, then look no further.

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ENJIN – “Major”

J-pop boy group ENJIN, comprised of members A.rik, RYONO, TSUBASA, HYUGA, TOY, TAIGA, SOL, and KYO, returned with their second album INCEPTION and their title track, “Major,” is, well, major! Opening with a deceivingly quiet guitar, “Major” is an explosive synth-pop track with elements of electronica in the chorus. The members sing confidently about their abilities claiming, rightfully so, that everything they do is major as they exceed expectations. The music video is no different, with the members dressed in red, singing seductively to each other and the camera as fire shoots out behind and around them. With a powerful choreography, the song and performance showcase the boy group’s collective prowess. Keep ENJIN on your radar and add “Major” to your playlists if you’re a fan of that high-energy bold sound. 

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ROBI & Young Miko – “sorry es que soy bipolarrr”

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter ROBI teamed up with fellow boricua artist, Young Miko, on June 13 to create the track “sorry es que soy bipolarrr.” If you ever felt like you’ve made mistakes after mistakes, like thinking of your ex when you know you shouldn’t, then this is the track for you. ROBI sings gently on a chill instrumental of guitars and soft snares about feeling like he’s living a double life, where in one he can’t stop thinking about his ex. Together with Young Miko, they lament on messaging their exes even though they know that they’ll never respond and leave them on read. 

In the music video, ROBI and Young Miko sing to each other about their troubles in front of a barren backdrop. Clutching their heads and ambling down the street, their frustration over not being able to let go of this person can be felt through the screen. “Sorry es que soy bipolarrr” is for the broken hearts, with its alt-pop-rock vibe and melancholic lyrics.

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Zeyne – “Bali”

Step into the haunting vocals of Zein Sajdi  — musically known as Zeyne — a Palestinian Jordanian singer-songwriter and a must-have in your library. On June 14 she dropped her poignant track “Bali,” a piece of music straight from the heart. With “Bali,” Zeyne muses on her fragile mental state, as she goes through personal struggles that she feels no one taught her how to bear.

Her voice on the somber track is harrowing and nothing is more heartbreaking than when she tries to reconcile having “bad days” while the atrocities rage on in Palestine. That feeling of being unable to address your struggles when others have it worse than you can be felt in every cried out note and unanswered question Zeyne asks. In the end, Zeyne has no solution as she laments “My heart grows cold, my eyes don’t see, in my reflection, who could it be? My days are unclear and the struggle keeps growing.”

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Just like a domino set on its side in an intricate pattern, a small push can destroy hours upon hours of hard work. With her sultry yet powerful voice, SAAY expresses her own anxieties in “DOMINO.” She acknowledges her own loneliness in her lyrics, “Yeah, I’m a mess, so no one help me out,” but also her struggles and how she isn’t ashamed of them.

Focused on choreography by dance crew WE DEM BOYZ and dancer IBAN, the music video portrays SAAY’s simultaneous fragility and resilience. The opening shows the dancers supporting SAAY as she sits. However, they later try to pull her down with bands at the end of the video. They fail in pulling her down, as SAAY stands confidently in the center, smirking to the camera. If you need an anthem to empower you, check out “DOMINO.”

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Normani – “Candy Paint”

Released as part of her new album, “Candy Paint” has already made several rounds before its official release. First teased after a leak in 2022, the anticipation for the track built up on TikTok thanks to a dance challenge in March. Set as a pre-release single in May, the song is part of Normani’s debut album, DOPAMINE. The upbeat track features syncopated percussion from brassy clanging coupled with sweet vocals. Normani proclaims, “I’m a baddie and I don’t know how to act.” She claims she could even steal another woman’s man, though she’s not really interested in that. At the end of the day, she is confident in who she is. If you’re looking for a fun hot girl summer anthem, you should add “Candy Paint” to your playlist.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “I’m Willing” by FUMON and Marz23, “Alright” by Victoria Monet, and “I wonder why” by takayan. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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