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Dive into the hot season with bright blue skies, flaring sunsets, and a summer filled Sunday Spin! In celebration of vacation, Team EnVi presents a wave of fresh releases perfect for those beach parties and sunset drives. So grab those shades, apply that sunscreen, and hit play for a summertime soundtrack.

TWS – “hey! hey!”

Dance to this summer beat as Korean boy group sensation TWS release a track that screams refreshing youth! Pre-released from their highly anticipated second mini-album SUMMER BEAT!, TWS come back full of teenage energy in their summer single “hey! hey!” The fast-paced track will have you beating the summer heat with its rock-infused energy and a hooking chorus that will have you singing “hey! hey!” alongside TWS! From its strong guitar riffs and spirited drums, the high-energy song encapsulates memories of a refreshing summer day as TWS express their fiery passion towards their long desired dreams.

Making their acting debut in the adventurous short film, TWS head out the school gates and run together towards the beach as they navigate their journey through the unique maps drawn on their hands. As the six members come together, the group creates memories together as they play basketball on the court, take photographs on the transit, and run through the forest and into the refreshing ocean view. The optimistic and uplifting track is complimented in suit by the dynamic choreography where TWS strong team synchronization shines. Matching its upbeat energy, a key movement is highlighted in the chorus’ corresponding dance move where TWS run in place following with the encouraging lines “Hey, hey / Pass on all the complex worries / Lean on me when you’re knocked down / We will become one / Stay with me until the end of this road.” SUMMER BEAT! is scheduled to release on June 24.

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NCT DREAM – “Stupid Cupid”

Only three months after their gritty comeback with “Smoothie,” NCT DREAM return in their latest Japanese single album, Moonlight. While the eponymous track serves as the album’s lead single, its B-side “Stupid Cupid” also deserves its flowers. Compared to their bright and cheery aura displayed in “Moonlight,” “Stupid Cupid” cements itself in the group’s more mature and grounded sound they’ve grown into over the years. In fact, fans have already drawn comparisons to previous DREAM songs from a similar vein such as “Drippin’,” “Pretzel (♡),” “119,” and even NCT 127’s “Superhuman.” The intro kicks off with an almost gospel-like (and “Superhuman” coded) a capella section with Haechan leading, “Cupid, what you doing to me?” From there, the song goes full hip-hop fused with bouncy electronic motifs as the members blame the god of desire for tripping over their own hearts. If the hook, “Girl you got me crazy, blame it on stupid Cupid” is stuck on a loop in your head, chances are, you’ve also been hit by the lovebug that is NCT DREAM.

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slchld – “CARE”

For Korean Canadian artist slchld, nothing is more ruthless than love’s hardships in his latest heartfelt release “CARE.” Contrary to the song’s upbeat pop melody, the emotional narrative dives into the resilience required to navigate through challenging times in relationships. Detailing relatable sentiments with the lyrics “Oh you said you’d be there for me / Where’d you go I need you more than ever now / I care everytime we tear our walls into the ground,” slchld’s reflection of love’s complex motifs resonates with listeners when they need comfort and consolation. As stated via press release, slchld affirmed the earnest ode as an universal experience of love and perseverance, describing it as “…a song about reminding one another how much we care about each other, regardless of our differences and situations.” 

The soothing R&B-pop harmony is accompanied by an animated lyric video and will be featured in slchld’s forthcoming EP APOLOGY, which is slated for release on June 21. slchld is set to embark on his “APOLOGY” North American Tour on June 30 with opening musical acts JHIN and PRYVT. The tour will be hitting cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago.

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ZUTOMAYO – “Blues in the Closet”

A highly-anticipated single from one of our favorite Japanese artists has officially hit the floor! “Blues in the Closet” was first teased in a short trailer on May 30 for the promotion of the Netflix movie My Oni Girl. Following the movie’s theme, the song represents the feelings of a desperate need for reassurance from a lack of security and support. ZUTOMAYO perfectly describes the feelings of loneliness that the main characters of My Oni Girl experience. As time moves on, especially within the movie, ZUTOMAYO further expresses the desperate hope for security within companionship with her lyricism and vocal style.

As always, ZUTOMAYO never disappoints with the catchy melody and upbeat instrumentals. Even though the melody is cheery and bright, ZUTOMAYO ensures the true meaning of the song is displayed through her tone and vocal delivery. The frequent use of falsetto conveys how desperate the song’s narrator is to gain companionship and security. Meanwhile, the background instrumentals, such as the bass riffs, flute, and piano arrangement, support the song to perfectly fit together and further serve as an example of the message and theme.

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BUS7 – “Brother Zone”

No one wants to be friendzoned, especially not “Brother Zone” by the one you love! T-pop boy group BUS5 might be young. but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to love. Shortly after debuting their first special subunit group BUS5 with their third digital single “No Matter What,” BUS have officially debuted as their second special subunit BUS7 with their fourth digital single “Brother Zone.” In this sweet-sounding R&B track, BUS7 sing of an unreciprocated love towards an older sister figure who only views them as her younger brother. Full of beautiful harmonies and a hint of traditional string arrangements, BUS7’s soft-spoken vocals and smooth delivery will have any victim of heartbreak feeling comforted.

Opening with a sequence of solo shots of each BUS7 member riding bikes on their way to work, the music video depicts the emotional rollercoaster our main protagonist THAI goes through. While the lyrics express heartbreak and the frustration of unrequited love, the visual media holds an underlying theme of friendship and companionship. BUS7 comfort their heartsick member and try their best to cheer him up as best friends would.

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Aimer – “Ref:rain -3 nuis ver.-”

Sometimes we need a break from the hype summer beats and relax to some mellow summer jams. Reflecting the rain showers of a summer afternoon, Japanese songstress Aimer gifts listeners a rejuvenating ballad to overcome the melancholy emotions for the incoming rainy season. “Ref:rain” reminisces of a past relationship as she links her pain and emotions of past moments to the rain. Describing the refrain from falling further and asking the “what ifs,” Aimer brings an immersive experience to listeners with her powerful sentiments.

The artist is likely referencing the East Asian rainy season (also known as plum rain) which poses as a metaphor to signify a difficult season in one’s life. The title may also be understood as the key term refrain — to stop yourself from doing something. With the bittersweet lyrics, “It’s still not enough / I still can’t say / The goodbye that I dreamed in the days when I’ve been counting / What a good thing we lose / What a bad thing we knew / If we had never touched, would we be smiling now?” Aimer recounts a relationship that was once healing and fulfilling, but simultaneously fleeting and painful. 

Ref:rain” was originally released in 2018 as Aimer’s 14th single and later featured in her fifth studio album Penny Rain. The song later went on to serve as the ending theme song for animated series After the Rain. Coming back with a rearranged version in her new EP, Aimer elevates the classic track as she centers the composition on her sound breathing technique and climatic acoustic and piano. Distinguished for her clear and deep husky voice, Aimer’s smooth low trembles creates depth as the soft yet poignant instruments result in a wistful sound environment. The ballad’s music video was initially released May 21, where Aimer is animated onto real life scenery, singing as she walks down the city streets after the rain.

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beabadoobee – “Coming Home”

English Filipino singer-songwriter beabadoobee has returned with the second single from her upcoming LP, This Is How Tomorrow Moves. In contrast to the album’s gritty, slightly cynical first single, “Take A Bite,” “Coming Home” offers listeners the sugary sweet prose associated with the “Glue Song” singer. Described as a “cute little love song with a weird non-existent structure” by beabadoobee herself, “Coming Home” is delightfully whimsical. 

Over a dreamy and delicate acoustic guitar melody, beabadoobee reflects upon her absence in her lover’s life due to her work. Transforming from an apologetic plea into a heartwarming vow, “Coming Home” is all about accountability and the true work and love that goes into maintaining relationships. She reassures her lover, “I’ll do the dishes, we’ll carry the load / Because we have time / I emptied the trash like I said I would / … I’m not sorry ‘cause this time I won’t be late.”

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Jung Kook – “Never Let Go”

Part of BTS’ FESTA 2024, a two-week celebration leading up to the group’s 11th anniversary on June 13, Jung Kook’s “Never Let Go” promises to stay together and be grateful for the time spent by each other’s side. As the group is currently on hiatus due to military service, the song is a comfort for fans in BTS’ absence. The bright house-genre single has an extensive repeating chorus, which Jung Kook revealed he originally planned to perform with choreography. Despite being released as audio only, the track is accessible to both domestic and international ARMYs alike as it is sung in English. With lyrics such as “Without your love, I’m nothing / You mean more than you know,” and “We got something rеal nothing could break,” the song speaks to the unwavering relationship between artist and fan. Just as expectant as ARMY are for the members’ return, “Never Let Go,” reaffirms the wish BTS has to continue to perform in front of fans in the future.

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Other tracks in this week’s Sunday Spin playlist include “CYAN” by frederic, “HERO” by AKMU, and “Give Me That” by WayV. Listen to everything mentioned and more, curated by Team EnVi only for you on Spotify.

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