Thai actors Phakpum “Mile” Romasaithong and Nattawin “Apo” Wattanagitiphat have announced their latest Be On Cloud-produced series, entitled Shine. The series — slated for release later in 2024 — will continue the story from their movie, Man Suang (2023). 

Let it Shine

According to the actors in the press conference when announcing Shine, the show will be a lighthearted, romantic comedy, compared to its historical thriller, theatrical counterpart. It seems that Shine will honor the promise of the love story between the two characters that fans are eagerly waiting to see.

Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has partnered with production studio Be On Cloud (headed by director Krisda “Pond” Witthayakajondet) and has pledged to help develop the series. Citing that its popularity will shine a light on Thai culture and LGBTQ+ rights. It will also aid in boosting the economy through consumerism and tourism by introducing national products and goods to an international market. Together, they plan to select and feature products from each of the 77 provinces in the country.

Man Suang

Set in early-1800s Thailand, under the rule of King Rama III, Man Suang follows Khem (Apo) as he discovers a covert club aptly called Man Suang. The club serves as a clandestine meeting spot for political scheming. Adopting the disguise of a traditional khon dancer, he infiltrates the club, crossing paths with Chatra (Mile). Together, they uncover secrets surrounding murder and rebellion that change the entire Kingdom as they know it.

The movie debuted at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival to a warm reception. It later opened in theaters in Thailand, grossing over 20 million Thai Bhat within four days, before expanding across Asia to rave reviews. 

The Mileapo Effect

Mile, Apo, and Be on Cloud first partnered for the Boys’ Love series, KinnPorsche: The Series (2022). The flashy Thai mafia drama centers around the love story between the heir of the organization and his bodyguard, based on the novel of the same name. 

The series was immensely popular internationally, trending worldwide on X (formally Twitter) every week a new episode aired and helped push the BL industry forward. After the series wrapped, the cast and crew took the show on tour, spending the next year performing sold out shows in Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan to name a few.

The leading men shot to global fame, culminating in them becoming ambassadors for luxury fashion house, Dior. After attending Paris Fashion Week on the brand’s behalf, they became some of the week’s top MIV® earners according to Launchmetrics. Since then, the duo have become a staple in the conversations around luxury fashion in the Thai entertainment industry and emerged as two of EnVi’s Fashion Power Players in 2023.

Kinnporsche: The Series is now streaming on iQIYI, and Man Suang will make its global premiere on Netflix on February 29. 

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