Summertime is just around the corner, and THE BOYZ are ready to kick off the season with their latest Japanese album, Delicious. On June 13, the 11-member group dished out a delectable full-length Japanese album just in time to become a contender for your summer soundtrack. Whether you want the sweetness of an upbeat bop or the bitter bite that accompanies heartbreak, Delicious has it all. 

A Sweet Treat

Serving up another fresh boy-crush concept, “Delicious” is a rejuvenating palate cleanser amidst an abundance of edgier K-pop content this year. The pre-release track debuted on May 31, along with its delightfully charming music video. Filled with bouncy trap beats, layered harmonizations, groovy electric guitar riffs, and melodic synths, “Delicious” is a unique sonic addition to THE BOYZ’s discography. The music video is saturated with vibrant colors and features an endless array of sweet treats and an impressive merry-go-round dance move (see the 2:24 mark in the music video). Summer is all about fun in the sun, and THE BOYZ are ready to party with “Delicious.”

Following the title track is “SKATEBOARD,” a laid-back R&B song that continues to channel the carefree nature of summer in Delicious. Shaking off the worries of the daily burdens in life, THE BOYZ sing, “Forever young, we’re the finest bros / Let’s roll!” Basking in their youthfulness and friendship, this feel-good song may warm your heart as much as the summer sun.

A Dash Of Spice

THE BOYZ have the summer sun beat with the fiery B-sides in Delicious. “Lip Sync” is a rhythmic track with a seductive whistle motif that teeters on tantalizing when the members utilize their lower registers. But the group continues to raise the heat with “EYES ON ME,” an R&B tune that brings a sultry air to the album. Plucky string chords lay a toned-down foundation for the track, which is complemented by THE BOYZ’s smooth vocals.

Transitioning into a more sensual tone, “Door” gives Delicious a mature twist. The 808 beats in the track can be heard beneath watery synths, meanwhile the members shine a light on their sweet falsettos. As a great contrast from the bubbly nature of “Delicious,” the album’s B-sides truly capture THE BOYZ’s multi-faceted nature. 

One Last Bite

The final three songs on Delicious were pre-released in January 2023, as they were featured as part of the original soundtrack for the musical anime series FLAGLIA. B-side “Here is” is a stripped-down ballad that climbs with swelling strings to a climactic bursting chorus. Meanwhile, the electronic track “Take Me Back” is fitting for an action-packed scene with its heroic nature as the members belt out the chorus. But just as many movies end on a happy note, THE BOYZ wrapped Delicious up with the free-spirited acoustic song, “Talk About Us.” This calming closer radiates a comforting energy as the members sing together sweetly over a twangy guitar—best for a summer evening spent around the bonfire with friends.

Until Next Time

Unafraid to showcase their versatility, THE BOYZ have captured their playfulness alongside their maturity with Delicious. Make sure to keep up with THE BOYZ by following them on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. You can now listen to Delicious on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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