On April 30, the original soundtrack (OST) for the praised Korean drama Jazz for Two was released. With features from members of K-pop boy groups such as A.C.E and OMEGA X, the Jazz for Two OST is easy on the ears and will make its way into listeners’ and viewers’ hearts in no time.

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Jazz for Two

Based on an original webtoon, Jazz for Two is a school romance drama that follows a nerdy jazz lover, Yoon Se-heon, who transferred to Wooyeon Arts School to pursue classical music and avoid his family. Upon transferring, he meets another student, Han Tae-yi, who has a distaste for jazz due to his past. The webtoon was so popular that it ended up reaching the No. 1 spot on the BL (Boys Love) webtoon chart on Lezhin Comics in 2017. 

Jazz for Two revolves around four main characters played by Hangyeom Song of OMEGA X, Hogeun Jee, Jinkwon Kim, and Jungha Kim, as they navigate trauma, school life, and even romance. As its title suggests, there are elements of jazz that greatly influenced the OST and can be heard throughout the drama. 

All’s Fair in Love and Jazz

With a total of six tracks, the Jazz for Two soundtrack explores the stories of each of the four main characters. As a singer-songwriter already, Hangyeom took part in both the composition and lyric writing for the tracks “STAY WITH ME,” “Alone,” and “NEW LIGHT.” Meanwhile, fellow OMEGA X bandmate Jaehan helped with the lyrics and composition for “Improvisation” and “STAY WITH ME.”

The OST’s opening track, “Improvisation,” is a pop song sung by Jaehan that expresses the meeting of two strangers into a seamless improvisation, which jazz music features frequently, as their lives blend. Then comes the soft rock track “STAY WITH ME” — to which OMEGA X members Hangyeom, Hwichan, Jaehan, and Xen lend their voices — that captures an emotional fondness. Meanwhile, Donghun Lee of A.C.E utilizes his vocals on the heart-wrenching ballad, “Alone,” which tackles the fear of having to be alone. 

In a more lighthearted direction, “NEW LIGHT” — sung by Hangyeom himself — taps directly into the electrifying feelings of a blossoming romance and youthfulness. The instrumental track “Please Miles” pulls inspiration from “So What” by jazz icon Miles Davis and was created by the drama’s music director Kang Min-kook. The final track on the Jazz for Two soundtrack is titled “Proust,” which refers to “The Proust Effect” — a situation where scents evoke previous memories — and is sung entirely by Hogeun Jee. The OST comes to a close while having captured the essence of each character and their journeys throughout the drama.

Tuning In…

Interested in seeing what the drama is all about? You can now watch Jazz for Two on iQIYI. The Jazz for Two OST can now be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as with visualizers from the drama on YouTube!

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