Marking the end of their longest break between comebacks to date, VIVIZ released their fourth mini-album, VERSUS, on November 2nd. The album comprises five songs, each representing an impressive evolution in their sound. Collectively, members SinB, Umji, and Eunha introduced a fresh concept and style with their latest release.

VIVIZ is Killin’ It

MANIAC” leads the mini-album, serving as the title track, accompanied by a captivating music video. The song effectively translates the contrasting dark and bright elements from their concept photos into a visual narrative, showcasing VIVIZ’s versatility in handling various concepts. The video displays a development in maturity compared to their previous works, while the choreography remains true to VIVIZ.

The video opens with a scene of SinB cruising in a car with an enchanting and otherworldly filter that adds an air of mystique. The visuals then transition to showcase Umji and Eunha, set against a more enigmatic backdrop with a rich, velvety filter, adding depth to the narrative. As the chorus hits, SinB reemerges, exuding a sophisticated yet edgy aura, shown with her electric guitar elevating the intensity of the moment. The spotlight then shifts to Umji and Eunha, both seen in the same car from the start with the same mesmerizing, hazy filter, perfectly complementing the essence of the bridge. “MANIAC’s” concept serves as a testament to VIVIZ’s versatility, demonstrating their skills both visually and vocally, showcasing both delicate and mature themes.

Upon initially hearing the track, SinB found it challenging to envision its performance on stage. However, she quickly memorized it, claiming it to be the fastest she has ever learned a choreography. Umji further elaborates that “MANIAC” carried a heightened emotional concept compared to other songs, connecting this to the storyline of the music video.

Fake V. Fate 

VERSUS exemplifies the group’s versatility, the youngest member, Umji, describes VERSUS as the album tying together their earlier concepts. From the vivid color palette of Beam Of Prism to the pastel tones of Summer Vibe and the darker themes in VarioUS, VERSUS seamlessly blends the group’s discography together.

The girls showcased a mature side in their FAKE concept photos, a continuation of what was seen in VarioUS and carried forward into VERSUS. Eunha and SinB’s blonde hair, along with Umji’s blonde highlights, set the tone. Their makeup revealed a smoky, edgier side, complemented by a spikey, grunge-inspired style, truly bringing out their inner “baddie” personas. 

In contrast to the FAKE concept, their FATE concept depicted angels straight from above. The girls posed against an ethereal backdrop, evoking a heavenly ambiance. Opting for an all white look, their attire created a softer and more fluid aesthetic while still encapsulating their more mature concept with VERSUS.

Tying Together the Tracks

The second track on the album, “Untie,” unfolds like a climactic moment in a movie. Symbolic of the online world, the song poses the question of authenticity. Umji recalls the adjustments needed for this multifaceted track, with its intricate layers. Transitioning into the subsequent track, “Overflow,” Umji exclaimed, “Oh, this is so VIVIZ.” The title “Overflow” reflects the essence of the song itself, with their dynamic sounds and vocals, weaving together a hypnotic blend demonstrating their powerful yet soft vocal harmonies.

The final two tracks on the album, “Day By Day” and “Up 2 Me,” provide a fitting conclusion. These songs offer a sensory experience and are likely to resonate with listeners. VERSUS captures VIVIZ’s distinct sound, incorporating complex layering and fresh elements while maintaining authenticity. Each track boasts a unique experience, showcasing VIVIZ’s duality.

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