Almost three years after their debut, XG is ready to return with NEW DNA, released on September 27th. The Xtraordinary Girls bring their diverse style and performance to the table. The seven-song EP includes the previously released tracks ‘GRL GVNG,’ ‘TGIF,’ ‘NEW DANCE’ as well as three extra tracks. NEW DNA is the first mini-album release by the group, a statement to what they call X-Pop.

‘Tippy Toes’ to NEW DNA

Since their debut in 2022 with “tippy toes,” the concept of XG has drawn attention as the Japanese group have been promoting on Korean music shows; however they don’t fit in any K-pop or J-pop mold. The seven-member group belongs to and is the first group from XGALX, an entertainment company associated with “breaking boundaries” and having a global approach, that objective has bleed through every comeback.  

Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Corona have embodied XGALX vision. From the English lyrics, to the storytelling on the videos, and the mix of Y2K with Harajuku-style clothing make this Xtraordinary Girls stand out as they redefine the girl-crush scene. The changes and growth have been present and can be seen throughout every comeback, as their style has changed from a darker, more serious tone to a colorful and vibrant theme. However, the main message of their concept prevails: to deliver a unapologetically free and straightforward message. 

Welcome to the Xtraordinary Puppet Show

The title track of the mini-album, “Puppet Show,” takes us to a world where girls are welcome to take on leadership roles and follow through with their ambitions. The title song reflects the tone and message of NEW DNA, giving listeners a statement of the message XG wants to convey as a group. Similar to the title pre-released songs, such as “GRL GVING,” are presented as hymns of self-confidence and power. Not only do their songs work as a form of guidance, but also as a true statement of leadership, as they sing, “girls be taking control.”

“Puppet Show” opens up on a strong note that carries through every verse. With lyrics like “It’s time I get what I deserve / Act like he don’t know what I’m worth,” delivered by Maya, the song gives listeners a sense of growing tired of being overlooked. 

In XG fashion, the song as well as the music video work together to convey the message. “Listen to what comes out of my mouth / before you try to take me out.” This verse matches the styling of Harvey, who appears wearing red Grillz, giving her a seemingly toothless look, which XG fans ALPHAZ attribute to its connection to the message of speaking but not being heard.

Wrecking The Game As The New Genesis

The song “HESONOO” opens up the album to what seems like an out-of-our-galaxy experience, a testament to their recent visual work with “Left Right” and “GRL GVNG.” If there is one thing worth highlighting about XG, it is that they never shy away from taking the lead and breaking boundaries with their music, which goes hand-in-hand with their company vision.

Another example of this is “X-GENE”, the second track of the album. This song is a mix of trap, hip-hop, and R&B, exploring the idea of living with no fear and celebrating their extraordinary genes. The lyrics go beyond the girl crush’s general idea that exhibits a message like, We are powerful, but if we cross your path, there will be consequences. What XG is doing with their music and concept is celebrating femininity, encouraging self-worth, and building self-confidence, further proving that XG is a group committed to creating a world that empowers women and lifts them to go beyond what they imagine.

What’s Next for XG

2023 has proven a fruitful year for XG, as they have taken on big opportunities to showcase their talents. Their participation in 88rising’s Head in the Clouds, Formula 1 Grand Prix, and KCON — both in Japan and Los Angeles — as well as collaborations with international artists like Ciara and Jacksong Wang, set the girls on the right track to bring X-Pop and their message to the world. The year is not yet over and neither are their plans as they will be joining the lineup of the concert for Billboard’s ‘The Stage’ at SXSW Sydney.

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