After wrapping up the European leg of their tour and almost a year after their debut, KQ Entertainment’s 10-piece K-pop boy group, xikers, is back. On March 8, members MINJAE, JUNMIN, SUMIN, JINSIK, HYUNWOO, JUNGHOON (currently on hiatus), SEEUN, YUJUN, HUNTER, and YECHAN released their third mini album, HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error. The album contains six tracks including the title track, “We Don’t Stop.” 

Go ‘Round and ‘Round — “Don’t Stop”

“We Don’t Stop” is a punk-rap track with elements of ‘90s hip-hop. The members show off their intensity with their loud shouts, strong vocals, and speedy raps — traits that are quickly becoming the group’s trademark. The addictive chorus coupled with the complex instrumental make the track an instant earworm. 

The song opens with cheers from the group and a loud guitar riff before rapper YECHAN breaks out in an upbeat rap with his characteristic high-pitched flow. Immediately, the track takes form, with record scratches complementing the guitar in the instrumental. Although “We Don’t Stop” is hip-hop heavy, xikers do not neglect the skill of their five vocalists, as they alternate belting out strong notes in the pre-chorus. And just when you think you can anticipate each refrain to chorus combo — in true xikers fashion — they switch the song up completely in the last 30 seconds for a total hip-hop ending. 

“We Don’t Stop” talks about the high-paced nature of the group as it seems like they’re always on the go and reaching new heights. In the pre-chorus, JINSIK and SEEUN sing out, “Faster, teleport, blink and I disappear,” making it clear that they won’t stop. If you even blink it’ll be as though they have disappeared.

Xikers are no strangers to the old school hip-hop scene, and the visuals of the music video prove that. The members are dressed head to toe in peak ‘90s hip-hop fashion. From huge baggy jeans and varsity jackets to bucket hats and chains all splashed in vibrant colors, xikers truly are giving “blast from the past.” Shots of the members playing, dancing, and goofing off push forward the narrative they tell in their lyrics. With vibrant scenery like huge skyrises, a colorful front lawn, a mountain of denim, SUMIN says it best in his verse when he raps, “Party let’s go, today I’m feeling like one hundred, follow the feel and shake it like it’s my birthday.”

Delve Deeper Into the House of Tricky

HOUSE OF TRICKY : Trial And Error opens with the eponymous instrumental “Trial And Error (whereabouts).” The ominous track sets the tone for the album with its taunting melody and menacing beat. The garbled dialogue truly immerses the listener right back into xikers’ world — the House of Tricky.

Following the title, the third track is “Red Sun.” “Red Sun” is a powerful rap, heavy hip-hop track that shows off the more fierce side of the group. Main rapper and leader MINJAE begins the track by answering his own rhetorical question, “Okay, who’s gon’ get that trophy? Get it and put it in front of me.” The lyrics are cocky and delivered with intensity alongside the intimidating beat, ushering in a darker sound that the group has teased before in their discography.

The vibe of the album does a complete 180 with “Supercalifragilistic.” The song is an upbeat house track with elements of hip-hop and electronica. This is a side of xikers we have yet to see, but the group executes it with ease. The instrumental and upbeat delivery of the lyrics just exude the energy of being in a club and dancing. The title of the track — a shorthand version of the phrase popularized by the musical Mary Poppins — is a word used to describe something that is extremely good. In this case, xikers sing about the beat being so good it can only be described as “Supercalifragilistic.”

The fifth track, “Every Flavor Jelly,” encompasses the mischievous nature of the group. With “Every Flavor Jelly,” xikers liken their music to that of different flavors of jelly candy. Jellies are sweet, addictive, and exploding with flavor — all adjectives xikers associate with themselves. The melody is taunting, with a bit of a mature sound and cheeky lyrics, like comparing themselves to a chef with a mic in hand. The parallels they draw between the appeal of a delicious treat you can’t find anywhere else and the group’s craft is genius as they croon in the chorus, “Addictive taste, you want some more (My jelly).”

Finally, “Break A Leg” wraps up the album on a nostalgic yet hopeful note. “Break A Leg” is a pop-rock song that feels like something you’d hear at the end of a coming of age film. It’s youthful and the lyrics are touching, especially as it pertains to the group. The rappers combine their verses as they discuss holding on to see their dream through. Even if it hurts and it might be difficult, they will continue to persevere. That desire to follow through with what you want fills your chest as YECHAN’s final lines blend with the chorus, “Pick up the pace again, this is not a dream, even if it hurts a little, just Break A Leg.”

With the continuation of their HOUSE OF TRICKY series, xikers cement their sound as blossoming artists. With the music video for “We Don’t Stop” racking up over 10 million views in just eight hours, this is the group’s most anticipated comeback yet. Keep your eyes peeled for what they have coming next. 

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