Exploring ideas of chaos, youth, and self-confidence, KQ Entertainment’s 10-piece K-pop boy group, xikers, stepped into the spotlight with a bold debut. On March 30, members Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Yujun, Hunter, and Yechan debuted with their mini album, HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing. The album contains seven tracks including the title track, “TRICKY HOUSE.” 

Let’s Play in “TRICKY HOUSE”

The music video to the title track “TRICKY HOUSE” was simultaneously released alongside the album.

Fans of xikers can recall this song from the group’s pre-debut days, as it was performed as the opening act at their senior groups ATEEZ’s concerts and KCON 2022 Japan. “TRICKY HOUSE” is an upbeat, Latin, and Middle-Eastern-inspired track. The title track is a powerful song, showing off the intense rap of the group while still leaving time for the vocalists to shine. With its playful hip-hop beat, the song’s theme of playing tricks in “Tricky’s” house is brought to life. The Korean title “도깨비집” translates more literally to “Goblin’s House,” perfectly aligning with the group’s theme for the track. In Korean folklore, 도깨비 are spirits that manifest as goblins and use their powers to trick people. The lyrics express this playful spirit as the boys sing, “You’ll like it like, hoo, We’re playing like this, we’re playing like this.”

In the visuals of the music video, this imagery of powerful goblins is further shown. The video opens with the members on a train interacting with a man. The boys dance around him, sing in his face, and transform into blue balls of light that resemble fast-moving spirits. In the choreography, the members show taunting smiles and goofy and big dance moves, truly showing off the nature of the goblin they sing of. The scenery is bright and vibrant, from a graffiti-ridden subway to a colorful arcade, ending with a flashy amusement park. Throughout, the masterful portrayal of a playful trickster theme is evident. 

Feel the Chaos with xikers

HOUSE OF TRICKY : Doorbell Ringing opens with the ominous track “The TRICKY’S Secret.” “The TRICKY’s Secret” is less a song and more a monologue. The track gives the listener a peek into the group’s lore, discussing who TRICKY is and what it means for the concept of the album. The narrator informs the listener that TRICKY is a force that gives kids “reckless courage” and the “desire to dominate the world.” This chaotic track features an unsettling instrumental build up to a heavy electric synth as the narrator bursts into unhinged laughter. The opening track gives off the vibes of a dark, chaotic fun house, one that follows throughout the album. 

The second track on the album is “Doorbell Ringing,” taken from the title of the album itself and continues the dark theme set by its predecessor. “Doorbell Ringing” is a dark hip-hop track with electronic elements. The song is mostly rap-heavy, but features the sweet yet haunting vocals of the members. The track opens the album with a dark and powerful sound that suits the group well.

The pop-rock-inspired interlude “Dynamic淸亮(청량)” completely changes the mood of the album, bringing a bright and refreshing vibe as the Korean title — “청량” — directly translates to. This change of pace gives way seamlessly to the following track, “ROCKSTAR.” The song is the second title track that the group will promote alongside “TRICKY HOUSE.” “ROCKSTAR” shows off the group’s range while still maintaining the powerful sound they have developed for themselves. Like the interlude that preceded it, “ROCKSTAR” is a pop-rock song with hip-hop-like elements in its ending moments. As the members sing of feeling alive despite their ragged appearance, “ROCKSTAR” truly embodies the spirit of youth with its carefree attitude.

The second-to-last song, “XIKEY,” returns to a powerful mood. The track talks about the color of the group, creating a “XIKEY” mood. The song is inspired by drill music, featuring a deep and heavy bass that transitions to a pop-like hip-hop beat in the bridge, showcasing the group’s versatility.


The album concludes with the fast-paced track, “Oh My Gosh.” As the members sing of shining in front of the world without letting any obstacles deter them, the song gets louder before settling down to a more subtle chorus. The final track wraps up the album on a powerful note, leaving the listener in anticipation for the group’s future projects.

With the conclusion of their first mini album, xikers leave a powerful mark with their debut. As they build their powerful sound, fans can anticipate much from the up-and-coming group.

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