K-pop superstars BTS are constantly on the rise and have accrued millions of fans around the world with their touching music, powerful dances, and entrancing personalities. As the holidays approach, giving a gift reminiscent of one’s interests can be a kind gesture to show that you care and pay attention. There’s no “Fake Love” here – EnVi has got you set with the perfect holiday gift ideas for your favorite ARMY!

Long-Sleeve Lounge Set

Often seen lounging in comfortable clothes on their reality show “In the Soop,” this lounge set from Uniqlo offers the ideal mix of cozy and cute. You can rest easy in your comfort space with this set, and it makes for the perfect outfit for those 2AM jam sessions for you to  “Trivia 起: Just Dance” your heart away. 

Potted Plant

Feeling a bout of winter depression as the “Autumn Leaves” of the season slowly wither away and the days get shorter? Channel your inner “namjoon-ing spirit” and add some greenery to your room! A nice touch of foliage, fake or real, is sure to add some livelihood to an otherwise barren space.

Anker Noise Canceling Headphones

From “Jamais Vu” to “Ddaeng” to “Fire,” BTS often explore a wide genre of sounds in their discography. Offer your favorite ARMY the experience of fully engaging in these songs with these noise-canceling headphones from Anker!

Amorepacific Lip Sleeping Mask

Don’t walk – “Run” to grab BTS’ new lip sleeping mask collaboration with Laneige. This limited edition product is inspired by the group’s Permission to Dance tour and is a great gift for any beauty lover. 

OUCHA Heart Tote Bag

A funky statement piece is a necessity in a good outfit. Just ask J-hope and his collection of them! This heart crossbody bag is great for the occasion and comes in four colors – black, green, red, and white. With this “Dope” bag in tow, every outfit is sure to be Instagram-worthy.

Ceramic Stone Diffuser

Give your favorite ARMY the refreshing sense of “A Brand New Day” with this essential oil diffuser. With your choice of a bathing cat, dog, or monkey, this cute item makes the perfect gift. We’re partial to the cat – it reminds us of Suga!

Mediheal x BTS Soothing Care Special Set

Dry, dehydrated skin during the winter? Definitely “Not Today” if you purchase this Mediheal x BTS soothing care set. It makes a great present for anyone interested in skincare, and this set will help to calm and hydrate skin. 

Joy Necklace

Enter the “Magic Shop” with this adorable heart lock necklace! Each sale of this 14K gold necklace ​​gives back to the Korea Cyber Sexual Violence Response Center. The lightweight necklace will make a wonderful present and supports a good cause!

Swirl Print Sweater 

This swirl print sweater makes for the perfect oversized sweater for all your needs. Stitched in warm shades of greens and browns, it paints a beautiful scenic “Piece of Peace” we can’t get enough of!

Acrylic Paint Set

The members of BTS have expressed their interest in art and painting over the years. For your favorite artist, give them this acrylic paint set. It comes with 36 colors for all their needs, including the coveted “Blue & Grey!”

BT21 Cushion

A gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a reference to BTS’ alter “Ego’s” themselves – the Line Friends Collection. Whoever your BTS stan’s bias is, a BT21 cushion makes the perfect huggable gift.

As we await those sunny “Spring Days” again, we hope this gift guide offers you ample gift ideas for your favorite ARMY. As BTS have shared again and again through their music and friendship with each other, companionship is the greatest gift of all, so make sure to hug your loved one this holiday season (and then hand them their amazing present.)

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Thumbnail courtesy of Andreea.