ENHYPEN have returned with their mini-album MANIFESTO: DAY 1. The septet begins a new chapter spearheaded by rebellion and the refusal to conform as the members show new sides of themselves. With over ten million Spotify streams just a week since the album’s release, the six-track EP is a declaration to listeners of the group that this is a new day one, according to ENHYPEN’s terms. 

Trekking Through the EP 

MANIFESTO: DAY 1 begins with “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” as the title track. Fitting for ENHYPEN’s promise of nonconformity, the song’s opening lyrics are “‘Walk the line,’ I hate that line” in relation to the members’ desire to carve out a new one together. ENHYPEN are unwilling to walk the commonly tread path. The seven members stand together in the music video, calling onto others with a similar view as they “pass the mic.” With sharp dance lines and high energy, “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” sets the scene for the rest of the mini-album.

“WALK THE LINE” naturally precedes the album’s title track. The song is an introduction to the album, with a narration of each member speaking in his native language. It unites the members as they take the step on their new day one. The members express their disapproval of conformity through the lyrics, “Erase the lines that cage me /  throw away the rules.” Instead, the members will carve a new path to walk on. 

From there, ENHYPEN take on a more upbeat, old-school song with “ParadoXXX Invasion.” The underlying message remains the same, though this tune brings a much sweeter, bass-pumping sound. The song speaks out against people who don’t understand them, stating instead that illogic is logic. As a group full of Gen Z, the song is fitting for the youthful members as they represent the “logic of a new era.”

“TFW (That Feeling When)” takes a pause from the group’s strong declaration with a soft pop love song. The members’ warm vocals fill the summer song, making it fitting for a long car ride. “SHOUT OUT” then returns listeners to a high-tempo rock vibe. Immediately, the lyrics are inspiring. It rids the sense of loneliness one might feel when walking a skewed line as the members sing, “we shout when we’re together.” Continuing, the members sing, “My life without you is a misery” to promise listeners they won’t be alone on this new path.

“Foreshadow” closes the mini-album with another monologue from the members and speaks of the fear when running toward a new world. With uncertainty and bleakness, ENHYPEN admit they are afraid. This vulnerability shows listeners the new world is far from a straight path. Still, ENHYPEN are willing to create their own world. Despite the fear, cold, loneliness, and more, ENHYPEN promises to “run ahead / Because the one true ending / That splendid future / Waits for us.” Along the way, they’ll be with their fans, ENGENE.

Fans Walk Alongside ENHYPEN

Since the release of the album, fans have taken to Twitter to express their love for this new chapter of ENHYPEN’s music.


A New Day One

ENHYPEN have not slowed down at all since the release of MANIFESTO: DAY 1. After its release, the group announced their world tour for this new MANIFESTO series. Additionally, ENHYPEN held their first public fan sign event to meet with their fans. As this new chapter unfolds for the boy group, the path seems promising.

Listen to the full mini-album on Spotify, and follow ENHYPEN on Instagram and Twitter for more!

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