April Fool’s has always been a day to have light-hearted fun and occasionally play a masterfully planned prank, and in K-pop, it’s a day where accounts switch identities, post idols they normally wouldn’t, and idols prank fans. It’s a day to bring us all together as fans, and remind ourselves that K-pop and the community within it is a fun place to be! Here, we rounded up some of our favorite pranks and fun from this year’s April Fool’s day!

Kingdom Competitors Switch Identities

With Mnet’s upcoming show Kingdom: Legendary War, fanbases on Twitter for several of the competing groups got together and showed support for their competitors by switching identities for the day and promoting their groups for the day!


Fansites Shift Focus

Manyfansites will take pictures and videos of other idols at events when they are there for the idols that they normally photograph and release them on April Fool’s! There were tons of fansites that participated in this, and these are just a few!



One fansite of DUETTO’s Paek Intae even posted a fancam of NCT’s Taeyong at one of his most legendary “Cherry Bomb” performances!

Hourly and Update Accounts Take on New Looks

Many hourly accounts that post pictures of idols will switch identities for the day, and we spotted both idols and objects making special appearances for the day of April Fool’s.

  1. Cha Eunwoo of Astro on an NCT Jaehyun account

    2. NCT’s Renjun on a Stray Kids’ Han account!

  3. Blackpink’s Rosé and NCT’s Jaehyun switched places on accounts dedicated to them

    4. Britney Spears made a special appearance on an NCT Jungwoo account!

      5. Stray Kid’s Lee Know (aka Lee Minho) on a SHINee’s Choi Minho account

     6. An account devoted to NCT’s Ten switched it up and posted about his cats Louis and Leon instead!


   7. Keeping with the theme of idol pets, this account dedicated to NCT Chenle’s dog Daegal switched it up by posting EXO Sehun’s dog Vivi!

     8. An update account for BTS’s RM decided to switch focus to his Bonsai trees for the day instead!

    9. And here is a WayV update account posting leeks in honor of WayV’s “leekbong!”

Idol Pranks

Fans don’t have all the fun just to themselves! Idols got in on the pranks this year too, and some of them definitely had us fooled!

  1. Enhypen’s Ni-ki changed their account on Twitter to feature pictures of his dog for the day!

    2.  BTOB’s Minhyuk posted a screenshot of a supposed article saying fellow member Im Hyunsik would join a girl group!

     3.  NCT Dream released a video on YouTube titled “Cafe 7 DREAM,” and even changed their layout on Instagram to look like a real café. They even have been releasing content like they are a real café for the last several days!

   4.  Johnny from NCT pulled a prank on NCTzens that he started setting up a day before April Fool’s just to trick them into thinking he was flying home to Chicago, but instead fans got a fun JCC episode featuring Ten with Johnny taking him around “Green-screen Chicago.”

  5.  Holland, an openly gay idol, posted this tweet messing with fans as  kind of “opposite’s day” prank

   6.  TXT’s Hueningkai created a separate account on Weverse pretending to be a fan, and then he responded and hyped himself up on his official artist account. That is one undercover idol!

   7.  Many artists on the app Universe changed their profile pictures to inside jokes, including the members of Monsta X and Ateez!


   8.  GOT7’s Bambam tricked fans into thinking he was going on a solo world tour, but eventually let them know it was all a farce!

9.  Ending with a classic prank, Allen from Cravity pranked fans with a link to a funny music recommendation!

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Thumbnail Courtesy of SM Entertainment