Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Though the date was originally observed in Christian tradition to honor Saint Valentine, over the centuries, the Feast of Saint Valentine has become a modern-day celebration of love. 

Now, this important day doubles as the perfect excuse to splurge on your loved ones. Each year, February 14 brings about an onslaught of limited edition drops across product categories, from makeup to jigsaw puzzles riddled with heart motifs and pick-up lines.  

To inspire your Valentine’s Day buys just in time for the big day, EnVi has rounded up 27 gift ideas.

Clothing and Accessories

Red-and-pink color palettes, bow appliques, and cute motifs belong to any Valentine’s Day-approved outfit. The love-themed holiday brings with it a slew of details such as flowers, and hearts to complement displays of affection in platonic and romantic relationships — clothing articles make for the perfect canvases onto which these motifs can be displayed. From ballet-inspired footwear to cute purses, these brands have you covered for a date night out with friends or a partner.

Radley London
Small Ziptop Grab
Bow Snap Clips
The Quadra Ballerina
& Other Stories
Knit Cardigan
Butterfly Pouch Bag
All Over Heart Socks
Betsey Johnson
Betseys Tiered Tulle Dress
Vivienne Westwood
Louise heart crossbody
Vickie Graphic Sweatshirt

Beauty and Skincare

Gifting someone self-care or beauty products is a straightforward way to show love and appreciation. After all, who doesn’t love feeling pampered? Whether your gift comprises a limited edition Valentine’s Day launch or evergreen classics, a beauty staple is guaranteed to make the recipient smile. You can also treat yourself to high-quality skincare ahead of your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Naked Sundays
Lip Oil Bundle
Lottie London
Lip Gloss & Tint Duo
Mallows Beauty
Ice Globes
Miss Dior Parfum
Manifest Beauty
Lip Plumping Oil
Lip Glowy Balm
Medi Lift
Moisture Serum
Tom Ford
Love Collection Powder Blush
101 Ointment Multi-Balm

Miscellaneous Goodies

Maybe your loved one prefers a curated home environment over fashion or beauty pieces. The right decorations and edibles can give any space the warm and welcoming energy to suit your Valentine’s Day needs. EnVi has you covered with a selection of miscellaneous offerings, from fragrant candles to snug pillows, to finalize your gift list.

Reserve Exclusive Rose Sparkling Rosé
Mark &
Colored Coupe Glasses, Set of 4
Charbonnel et Walker
Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle
J’Adore Bissinger’s Collection 19 PC
Green Philosophy Co.
Lil’ + Big Pop Succulent Bundle
Chunks x Le Puzz
“Love is in the Hair” Puzzle
Pre de Provence
200g Heart Soap Gift Box
Baies (Berries) And Roses Duo
We’re Not Really Strangers
Self Love Game

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