Being kind is an important part of life. Big or small, all acts of kindness have the power to make a huge difference in the lives of others. In honor of World Kindness Day, EnVi has compiled a list of five heartwarming interactions between idols. 

1. ITZY Bought æspa Drinks 

After it was announced that ITZY and æspa would perform at the 27th Dream Concert, fans of both groups hoped there would be some sort of interaction. And MIDZY and MY got the interaction they craved!

æspa surprised fans with a post on Twitter thanking ITZY for giving them watermelon tea after the two well-loved groups finally met. How kind of ITZY to share!

2. Felix Shared Brownies with Chenle, TWICE, and Others

 On a fancall, Felix told the recipient that he baked brownies and shared them with people he knew, including NCT DREAM’s Chenle, who he asked to share with his teammates. In a funny turn of events, Chenle revealed that he ate them all on his own because they were just that good. Felix shows us that even small gestures can be kind!

3. Chanyeol Surprised Suho at Inkigayo  

It is no secret that all of EXO love their leader Suho. They have shown their love for him countless times, but nothing beats when Chanyeol successfully surprised (and maybe even scared) him. After Suho’s solo debut with “Let’s Love,” Chanyeol decided to surprise him in the Inkigayo waiting room. The EXO rapper hid in a locker at the music show and emerged from the cabinet with a bouquet of flowers when Suho least expected it.

This is not Chanyeol’s first attempt to surprise Suho. He and Sehun once attempted to surprise their leader before on his birthday in 2016, but failed because Suho saw the VLIVE notification. 


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4. JEON SOMI Befriended GISELLE 

Lately, GISELLE and JEON SOMI’s friendship has been all over social media after the soloist posted a photo with the æspa member on her Instagram story. In a recent fancall, JEON SOMI shared that their friendship budded after GISELLE shared her “DUMB DUMB” song on LYSN’s bubble messenger. After hearing the news, JEON SOMI reached out to the æspa rapper and the rest is history.

Since the start of their friendship, JEON SOMI and GISELLE have been posting about each other nonstop. It’s always kind to make a new friend!

@somi_official_ ⚠️ #xoxochallenge ⚠️ 중이지만… 지젤언니랑 그냥 하고 싶어서 찍은 #savagechallenge ♬ Savage – aespa

5. Sungchan Translated for Shotaro 

In July, Shotaro and Sungchan posted a YouTube video of them visiting Yangpyeong for pictures and food. Throughout the video, Sungchan helped Shotaro navigate the menu of the places they ate at. Once seated, Sungchan noted that Shotaro’s Korean improved a lot. Sungchan repeated this after Shotaro returned from ordering their strawberry slush drinks.

Learning languages is difficult. It’s nice to see Sungchan encouraging his fellow NCT members! 

Happy World Kindness Day! Let us know your favorite kind idol interaction on Twitter and Instagram!

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