It’s no secret that TikTok has been the push for some of the most viral songs and artists. Snippets of music being used under hundreds of thousands of TikTok videos bring in new fans and open up doors for many artists. One of the latest songs to follow this trend is “Shinunoga E-Wa” by Fujii Kaze.

“Shinunoga E-Wa,” meaning, “I’d rather die,” is about how Kaze would rather lose everything than be without the one he loves. Kaze is one of the fastest growing artists in Japan. The singer started posting piano covers of songs like “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga and “Kiseki” by GreeeeN on YouTube as a kid. Now, the 25-year-old artist has charted number one on Billboard Japan’s Hot Albums chart and gone platinum. “Shinunoga E-Wa,” off of his first album HELP EVER HURT NEVER, has over 200,000 TikTok videos using the song on the platform. The angsty ballad is only the tip of the iceberg for Kaze’s discography. 

Team EnVi looked at five other songs you may like from Fujii Kaze. 

“Hedemo Ne-yo”

Hedemo Ne-yo” is a Japanese idiom meaning it doesn’t matter. Through the high-strung melody, Kaze vows to not let the world around him fill him with anger. “Hedemo Ne-yo” was released as a single in 2020 and then edited for his latest album LOVE ALL SERVE ALL. The piercing electric guitar in the original release gives a hard rock feel. And if the original is night, the LOVE ALL SERVE ALL edit is day. The guitar riffs and bass are traded for string instruments and a softer-sounding instrumental. Kaze’s voice holds the same power, but the mood shifts from irritated to hopeful. Whether you like rock or EDM, both versions of “Hedemo Ne-yo” are headbangers. 

“Kiri Ga Naikara” 

Also on the HELP EVER HURT NEVER album, “Kiri Ga Naikara” combines an eight-bit beat with spacey synths. Listen intently and you’ll feel as if you’re out of your body. That’s the same feeling portrayed by the lyrics. “Kiri Ga Naikara” expresses the endless passage of time. The instrumental and Kaze vocals flow together seamlessly into a track that makes you consider your own past, present, and future.


Kirari” has eight different remixes by DJs and producers across Asia. As part of the 2022 Asia Edition of “Kirari,” Kaze teamed up with a number of producers including Daul, Yaffle, and FunkyMo

Hailing from cities such as Taipei, Jakarta, and Seoul, these producers show the full potential of “Kirari.” If you like fast-paced EDM check out the remix by Yaffle, or if you want something slow and smooth listen to pxzvc’s take on the song. There’s a version of “Kirari” for all tastes with a wide range of creative takes from the six contributing producers. 


Kaze isn’t afraid to take on a variety of genres as seen in the song “Damn.” Also on the LOVE ALL SERVE ALL album, this grunge track is reminiscent of 2000’s pop rock. The drums and guitar are infectious and easy to move your body to. “Damn” follows the theme of the album to spread love and find happiness. Kaze incorporates English lyrics into many of his songs and “Damn” is no exception. The final chorus of the song is in English, making it accessible to many audiences.

“Tsumi No Kaori”

It’s hard to forget the trumpets and drums in “Tsumi No Kaori.” The song mixes jazz and RnB for a track that’s full of emotion, a signature for Kaze. The wide range of instruments and belting is complex and fills every inch of your ears. 

With just two full albums under his name, Kaze is already covering a wide range of styles through his discography. The artist is sure to keep surprising fans with his vocal and musical ability. Stay up to date with Fujii Kaze by following him on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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