LE SSERAFIM have made a fierce return with their first studio album, UNFORGIVEN. Surpassing 1 million stock pre-orders in just seven days, their comeback has been highly anticipated among fans and curious listeners alike. In celebration of LE SSERAFIM’s second comeback, EnVi has compiled seven essential facts to know about their fearless leader, Chaewon.

Born to Sing

Chaewon’s first taste in the spotlight can be dated back to November 3, 2012, appearing on KBS’ Korea Children’s Song Contest. She entered the choir competition with her friends in elementary school, performing “말의 향기.” As the video resurfaced online, fans noticed how similar her distinct features are to the Chaewon we know today.

Eyes On Chaewon

Chaewon’s idol journey began as a contestant on MNET’s reality music survival show, Produce 48, in 2018. Competing as a trainee of Woollim Entertainment, she caught the public’s attention through her bright vocals, captivating stage presence, and stunning visuals. Placing 10th in the final ranking, Chaewon became the lead vocalist and lead dancer of Produce 48’s girl group, IZ*ONE. She continued to promote with IZ*ONE until their disbandment on April 29, 2021 due to contract expiration.

Talent Runs in the Family

In terms of Chaewon’s talent and beauty, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In 2019, media outlets revealed Chaewon is the daughter of the theater actress Lee Ran Hee. With over 30 years of experience, she is known for her appearances in the plays “Fall Into Me,” “20th Century Writer,” and “Kansai First.” Ran Hee was first seen supporting Chaewon in the finale of Produce 48, gaining attention for her striking beauty.

Featured Appearances

Prior to Chaewon’s debut in IZ*ONE, she made an appearance in labelmate boy group Golden Child’sLET ME” music video. Both under Woollim Entertainment, Golden Child’s main rapper Jangjun showed his support for Chaewon throughout her promotions in IZ*ONE. 

King of Masked Singers

In 2021, Chaewon made an appearance on MBC’s singing competition show King of Masked Singers. As contestants compete in identity-concealing costumes, they must reveal their identity once they have been eliminated. Revealed as “Formosan Deer,” Chaewon gained praise from the panelists for her warm and pure voice. With Golden Child’s Jangjun and Joochan participating as panelists, the members were shocked they did not recognize their labelmate’s distinct vocals. 

Fearless Leader

On April 6, 2022, Chaewon was announced as a member of HYBE and Source Music’s new girl group LE SSERAFIM. Typically, the leader position is given to the oldest member of the group. Among LE SSERAFIM’s members, vocalist Sakura would have been given the position by default. However, Sakura recently revealed she rejected the leadership position for not feeling fit for the role. FEARNOTs agree Chaewon’s responsible and fierce leadership skills make her qualified for the position. 

Time for a Rebrand

Chaewon underwent a significant transformation transitioning to the strong and intense concept of LE SSERAFIM. During her time in IZ*ONE, Chaewon was known for her soft, fairy-like charm that perfectly fit into IZ*ONE’s elegant concepts. Contrasted with LE SSERAFIM’s sleek, dark image, fans were shocked by the distinct changes in her overall look and stage presence. Taking on a mature leadership role, Chaewon uncovered a courageous side to her character that FEARNOTs admire.

In Our Villain Era

LE SSERAFIM’s first studio album and title track, “UNFORGIVEN,” was released on May 1. For the latest updates, make sure to follow LE SSERAFIM on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube!

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