Have you been looking for a new favorite group? MXFRUIT are here to answer your call. They are a Thai pop girl group under ILY LAB Company, a subsidiary of Tada Entertainment. The quintet has already shown fans their boundless talent despite having only two official releases. Their sound and personal identities set them apart and give fans every reason to check them out. Join EnVi as we unveil the world of MXFRUIT!

Predebut History

MXFRUIT are a five-member group. The members, all of which grew up in Thailand, are MiQuella, Oppapech, Rochelle, Knomjean, and Skawduan. With ages ranging from 18 to 21, they’re only just beginning their journey into the T-pop world. Although their debut is fresh, Rochelle and Oppapech are no strangers to the spotlight. Rochelle made her name known on The Voice Kids Thailand in 2017 at the age of 12. In 2018, she made her solo debut with the digital single “Gone” which showcases her incredible voice. Oppapech, born in 2003, was on the survival show Idol Paradise, but left the competition before it aired. Although they began their careers as solo artists, the stars aligned when bringing the five members of MXFRUIT together.

Strawberry Ice Cream

MXFRUIT debuted on March 8, 2023 with “Strawberry Ice Cream.” The English digital single is a punchy, upbeat pop hit. Paying homage to their name, the song includes several fruity lyrics like “I’m melting like strawberry ice cream, such a sweet daydream” and “tangerine sunset, you and me, lovin’”. The way they’re able to show ethereal, dream-like vocals in a pop song is reason enough to love them. Each member has their shining vocal moment lyrically and the music video will have you smiling ear-to-ear. The girls pair their vocals with compelling and colorful choreography. Right out of the gate, MXFRUIT colorfully cemented their place as the T-pop group to look out for.

Social Media Content

On the MXFRUIT official YouTube channel, the girls have been giving fans covers of popular songs as well as reacting to their own videos. Without spoiling all of the fun, some of their covers include “Wannabe” by Spice Girls and a solo cover of PP Krit’s “ลังเล” by Knomjean. All of the covers are live performances showcasing their incredible and refreshing vocal talent and harmonies. Hosted by themselves at their MXFRUIT MXHOUSE PARTY, they’ve posted several cannot miss performances.

In addition to covers, the girls have dipped their toes into the waters of reacting. Watching their own music videos as a group, they give entertaining and upbeat reactions as if they were YouTubers themselves. Feeling the emotions of debuting, the girls get teary-eyed watching their “Strawberry Ice Cream” music video.  These videos give fans a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of their hard work. While watching, member Rochelle added, “there’s no boring or dull moment” and fans would not agree more.

Comedy Queens

In addition to putting out songs made to be on loop, the girls of MXFRUIT lend their personalities to their own YouTube channel variety show, giving fans endless laughs. All five members compete in a show they call “Put Your Game Up” where they do various challenges against each other. In the first episode, they kept the fruit theme running with the games they played. Game 1 showed them racing against each other to be the first to ring a bell after uncovering matching fruits on various plates. The losers then had to eat said fruit with lime on top as a penalty.

The second game depicts the members blindfolded as they’re  attempting to decipher between two different fruits. Chaos ensues when Oppapech strongly proclaims she’s going to win the watermelon round as her “hometown is Srisaket, growing watermelon.” With the comedic timing and banter between the group, you’d never know they debuted in March as they already seem like variety experts. If you’d like to see the other Put Your Game Up episodes which include Thai Language games, a spy game, and more, check out the playlist below!

Follow-up Thai Single

After debuting with this century’s greatest pop hit, MXFRUIT returned on May 25, 2023 with Thai digital single  “ทำไมไม่รู้ (what do i do).” All eyes were on them following their melodious first release and they did not disappoint. The single, proclaimed by the label to be “a heartfelt ballad with a touching, moving line.”, lets fans see a new side of the girl group. With longing lyrics asking how to keep the guy they’re interested in by their side, they truly wore their hearts on their sleeves.

This single is more laid-back than their first as they focus on serenading fans vocally. Their range as a group can be heard and seen in the music video that follows each member with their own significant other with group dances scenes throughout. Reminiscent of ‘90s girl group ballads à la “Too Much” and “Viva Forever” by Spice Girls, MXFRUIT effortlessly ask fans “what do i do” in their follow-up single.

Musical Inspiration

As emerging pop stars themselves, the MXFRUIT girls have spoken about their musical interests and artists they follow. On the Vogue Thailand YouTube channel, they sat down to talk about the top songs that are in their playlists. When asked about the songs they liked to sing together when they were trainees, they named “Smokin Out The Window” by Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars, & Anderson .Paak, “Nan-Nan” by Fujii Kaze, and a few others. They’re also asked what songs they love dancing to, to which Skawduan comically answers “Strawberry Ice Cream” by MXFRUIT. Rochelle tells fans she loves “Good Boy” by G-DRAGON and Taeyang, leading the members to break into song and dance. They also tell us the K-pop songs they love with Rochelle naming “눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips)” by Taeyang.

The MXFRUIT members have also posted songs they love on their personal accounts such as “Love Lies” by Normani & Khalid on MiQuella’s “playlist” highlight on her Instagram. On the official MXFRUIT Instagram account, they’ve shared posts of each member with a few fun facts. In them they included their favorite songs, including Knomjean’s “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child and MiQuella’s “Low” by SZA. With the girls sharing the artists they love in varying genres, we’ve been able to see their distinctive personalities a bit more.

Connect With MXFRUIT 

The members of MXFRUIT have given fans their music, variety shows, and covers in just a few short months. In that time, we’ve also been able to learn more about them, including what music they listen to and some of their hobbies. With each member having their own Instagram, TikTok, and a few YouTube accounts, they’re able to showcase their personalities. Dive into their personal world by following their Instagram accounts here: MiQuella, Oppapech, Skawduan, Knomjean, Rochelle

Looking Forward

While they’re only three months into their career, the future is looking bright for MXFRUIT. They’ve delivered two distinctive singles, variety shows, and much more in the short time fans have known them. MiQuella, Oppapech, Rochelle, Knomjean, and Skawduan are in for a sweet treat as they have the ability to be the next big thing in pop music. They’re well on their way to superstardom and fans are lucky to witness this exhilarating journey already in progress!

Want even more MXFRUIT? Check out their official social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube!

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