On the weekend of May 11, the annual two-day-long music festival Head In The Clouds returned to Forest Hills Stadium with a hot lineup. With trending and well-known artists such as BIBI, Juliet Ivy, Joji, and (G)I-DLE attending, EnVi rounded up the festival’s top performances that blew away the crowd this past warm weekend.

WANG OK’s Captivating Opening

To open up Day One of the festival, the first of the festival-goers caught Chinese singer WANG OK’s performance early in the afternoon. With the sun shining brightly onto the stage, WANG OK performed a mix of personal tracks like “You Are So Beautiful,” as well as a few old-timey tunes such as “舞夜森林.” 

Photo courtesy of Head In the Clouds.

YOUNG POSSE Pulls a Huge Crowd

Following WANG OK’s set, YOUNG POSSE hit the stage. The Korean girl group recently debuted with their single “MACARONI CHEESE” in October 2023. But when the screen lit up with “NEXT UP: YOUNG POSSE,” fans of the girl group quickly filled the arena, cheering loudly the moment the members playfully ran on stage. Composed of members Sunhye, Jiana, Doeun, and Jieun, YOUNG POSSE performed some of their popular tracks such as “XXL,” “MACARONI CHEESE,” “POSSE UP!,” “Scars,” and more during their scheduled set time. YOUNG POSSE brought the audience to life as they had fans screaming “XXL” along with them. The group continuously engaged the audience with their energetic personalities and captivated fans’ eyes with their perfectly synchronized choreography.

Photo courtesy of Miko Fusco.

All the Love For wave to earth

Halfway through the day, the South Korean band wave to earth toned things down as they played tracks from their relaxing indie-alternative discography. When they performed favorites like “seasons,” fans of the band had hearts in their eyes. Following their North American tour, the number of wave to earth fans in the States has grown exponentially. Members of the audience brought their wave to earth merch to show support for the band.

Photo courtesy of Miko Fusco.

Fans Were Waiting For ILLENIUM and DABIN

Describing Illenium and Dabin’s set as explosive would not be an exaggeration. With flames flying high and head-banging fans filling the VIP pit, DABIN and ILLENIUM turned Head In The Clouds into a techno/EDM rave. From the start of the day, fans of DABIN could be seen across the venue wearing the merch of the DJ. The set consisted of original remixes from the duo, as well as a few popular tracks of ISOxo, who performed at Head In The Clouds last year.

Photos courtesy of Miko Fusco.

(G)I-DLE’s Day 1 Finale

The long-anticipated set from K-pop group (G)I-DLE ended the first day of the festival, and they were not here to play games. The girl group opened their set with a massive visual on the screen, teasing their most recent title track, “Super Lady.” The song blew up when it was released, especially with its high-budget music video with organized choreography, flashy outfits, and outstanding vocal performance as the members hit notes high and low with confidence. In addition, (G)I-DLE performed their 88rising track “I Want That” at Head In The Clouds, a crowd pleaser with a four-on-the-floor clubhouse beat. As fans danced along to the songs, they also captured the night’s end on their phones so they may never forget it (and brag to their friends)!

Photos courtesy of Miko Fusco.

New Day, New Vibes

Day Two of Head In The Clouds brought more laid-back vibes. As vendors sold beer, seltzer, and water to the crowd throughout the day, artists like EYEDRESS and Lyn Lapid performed their hit songs. These artists also played some of their lesser-known tracks to fans who might have known them for a long time or discovered them through songs like “In My Mind” and “Something About You.”

Photos courtesy of Head In The Clouds.


The Japanese performance group ATARASHII GAKKO! returned to Head In The Clouds to spread their energy to another audience. The group had both fans and newcomers out of their seats and bobbing their heads to bumping tracks like “Tokyo Calling” and grooving back and forth to songs like “OTONABLUE.” ATARASHII GAKKO!’s set had the crowd laughing, smiling, and dancing – what more do you need?

Photos courtesy of Miko Fusco.

BIBI Blesses the Stage

Not only did Korean pop star BIBI leave her mark on the Honda-Sponsored 88rising stage, but she also left a mark on a fan’s lips! During her set, BIBI hopped off the stage into the photo pit and made contact with fans’ hearts, giving many people hugs, selfies, and even a kiss. Performing her hit songs “Bam Yang Gang” and “BIBI Vengeance,” the singer made unforgettable memories among the festival-goers this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Head In The Clouds.

Joji Ends the Night With Bittersweet Tears

Many members of the audience grew up with Joji and are now seeing him perform their favorite songs live at Head In The Clouds. The record-breaking ballad “Glimpse Of Us” had many fans in tears, while his popular track “Gimme Love” had the audience moving side-to-side as Joji performed on his custom grand LED stage. Through all the emotional ups and downs of Joji’s set, the artist knew how to make his audience laugh. His DJ played around with popular meme sound effects to surprise the audience with comedic relief. Producers also cheekily placed a timer on the screen after Joji spontaneously went to the bathroom for almost two minutes. Joji’s headlining performance certainly ended this year’s Head In The Clouds New York with a bang!

Photos courtesy of Miko Fusco.

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