Jeff Satur Takes The Undercut Trend to Paris

By: Mel Simmons
Thumbnail courtesy of Cartier

Thai star Jeff Satur lives by one styling rule: try a trend at least once. Statement shades, wolf cuts, and even quiet luxury have been on the actor’s radar. More recently, Jeff explored new territories in the beauty realm with an undercut hairstyle. The star surprised fans with a new look in late January, swapping his layered mullet for a clean cut. Now, he’s parading this brand-new hairstyle around Paris as he attends fashion events. 

A New Hair Look

On February 7, Satur stepped out in Paris to celebrate Cartier’s Trinity Centenary at Petit Palais. Surrounded by global A-listers, the KinnPorsche star made a case for a rising trend in grooming: the undercut. Stopping just above his brows, Satur’s hairstyle was clean and refined — piecey bangs enhanced his bone structure while the sides were buzzed shorter.  

Jeff’s take on the undercut didn’t include a skin fade, which made the hairstyle look natural, modern and youthful. With mid-2010s trends on the rise, his iteration proved that undercuts can stand out in the Rolodex of men’s hair trends as stylish options.

Undercuts Spotted at Fashion Week

We are in the heart of the Fall Winter 2024 fashion season and undercuts have been spotted left, right, and center. Like Satur’s haircut, these modern spins are always piecey and not extremely short at the sides — a refreshing take on the 2016 undercut sans the dreaded mockery. 

A handful of undercuts were sprinkled throughout the runways and streets of Men’s Fashion Week. At LOEWE, models rocked the funkiest versions while celebrities sitting front row at Kenzo chose more orthodox renditions. (Take a look at Zayn Malik, for example.) Meanwhile, in Milan, the haircut was a go-to for show attendants such as Korean actor Lee Jae-wook, who tried the look for Prada’s Fall Winter 2024 show

A New Era

Jeff is not only debuting a hair makeover. After ditching his signature mullet, the singer also stepped into a new music era with the release of his first full album. Titled Space Shuttle No.8, the record premiered on February 8, reuniting new music drops such as “Yellow Leaf” and previous releases like his breakthrough single “Fade” and the 2023 hit “Black Tie.”

Music releases, luxury events and an upcoming tour are just a few of the commitments keeping Jeff busy, so fans can rest assured we’ll continue to see a lot of his chic hairstyle (and hopefully more remarkable style moments!) in the months to come.

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