At 6:30 PM PST, Saweetie made her way onto the stage at Head In The Clouds. The rapper performed an electric nine-song set that left fans wanting more. The Los Angeles native made herself at home on the 88rising stage with her down-to-earth interactions and liveliness. Captivating the audience with her hype songs, she was like a breath of fresh air to the fans.


A Performance to Remember 

Although short, her set was a standout moment of the night. Saweetie and her backup dancers (who she calls “Icy Girls”) started off the set with a charming performance of “Back to the Streets (feat. Jhené Aiko).” She continued by rapping short renditions of songs like “Pretty and Rich,” and her verse on Loui’s “Talkin Bout.” Weaving in short talking segments, she then went on to perform “My Type.” Strutting down the stage with swagger, she went on to perform “Tap In” after celebrating her Asian heritage and fans. The next song was “Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat).” Asking the audience what she should perform next, she closed the night with the fan-favorite “Back To The Streets.”  

Representing Her Heritage

With a star-studded lineup of Asian artists, Head In The Clouds is a safe space for Asian music lovers. When highlighting artists who move the culture and become incredibly successful, Black Asians are often left out of the conversation despite their contributions to music. “You know I’m Black, Filipino, and Chinese b*tch,” said the rapper, making sure to represent her multi-ethnic background. She highlighted how happy she was to see Asian artists thriving at a festival like Head In The Clouds.

A Love Letter to the Fans

“Who’s a real icy girl? And icy boy?” yelled Saweetie as she talked to fans throughout her set. While rapping the lyrics to her hit song “ICY GIRL,” she gave out four of her Icy Chains to fans in the crowd. She then went to rap “Twerk that a** to an icy chain.” Already known by fans for her relatable personality, she made sure to complement and give her fans treasured items. Fans raised their hands to the sky as she even threw her lipstick into the crowd. 

Fans Can’t Get Enough

As thousands of fans roared in support of Saweetie at her set on the 88rising stage, fans took to the internet to express their support for the rapper’s performance at the Head In The Clouds festival.

Dominating the Head In The Clouds festival, Saweetie brought authenticity and hype to the 88rising stage.

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Thumbnail courtesy of Nesrin Danam and 88rising.